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Bjergsen's Departure from 100 Thieves Leaves Fans Disappointed

Esports 13-04-2023 17:00
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LCS: Bjergsen announced his retirement last week. | © Riot Games

Last week, we got the shocking news that Bjergsen, one of the biggest names from the LCS, would retire after 11 years in the league. Now this was, of course, a surprise for lots of fans. But apparently, even Bjergsen's own team was unaware of the situation an hour before the announcement.

On April 7, the Danish mid laner announced his retirement from the professional League of Legends scene in a Twitter video titled "My farewell." Bjergsen is one of the most respected League of Legends players of all time and has had a tremendous fanbase in the LCS throughout all his years on stage. 

Bjergsen Kept His Plans to Retire From 100 Thieves

Even though Bjergen's decision to retire was quite a shock to many fans, this is something Bjeergsen has been considering for a while. However, despite his thorough consideration, Bjergsen did not tell his team about his plans to retire until one hour before the announcement. 

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This was made public on the 100 Thieves podcast "Cast" when Nadeshot, the organization's founder, talked about how Bjergsen retiring was pretty tough for him. This is what Nadeshot had to say in the podcast about the situation: 

We were at the golf course when I got the text. And it was basically Jacob, our Head of Esports, saying, "Bjergsen just informed us that he is retiring and that he is gonna release a statement within the next hour"

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Fans Think Bjergsen Acted Unprofessionally 

Despite being sad about Bjergsen leaving, most fans understood his decision to do so. However, some fans were unhappy with how Bjergsen went about the situation with his former team, 100 Thieves.

One fan made a Reddit post, with over 4k upvotes, talking about how they found Bjergen's handling of the situation surprising. The Redditor expected him to have acted a bit more professionally and believed 100 Thieves deserved more than one hour to process the news before going public with the information. 

Founder of 100 Thieves Responds After Reaction From Fans

After the podcast, the whole situation blew up. But after the criticism of Bjergsen went out of hand, Nadeshot decided to respond on Twitter to clarify the situation.

In the statement, Nadeshot explains that the clip is taken out of context and that he holds no grudge against Bjergsen but that it was hard to see him go. 

He also mentions that he has greatly enjoyed their time together in 100 Thieves and that Bjergsen deserves to say goodbye to the League of Legends professional scene in whichever way he sees fit. 

As you can see, there are no hard feelings after Bjergsen's retirement announcement. Also, Bjergsen himself responded to the Tweet, showing his support by saying this:

I totally get it and agree I could have handled it differently while still likely not having it leak. I'm sorry about that.
Still happy and proud to have ended my playing career with you guys.

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