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Will G2 Esports defend their title?

LEC Spring Split Predictions

A possible final, or just another Bo3? | © Riot Games

The LEC 2023 Spring Split is almost here. While we expect another fast-paced split with a lot of surprises, we think G2 Esports may well add another cup to their collection - unless Team Vitality and KOI manage to surprise them.

The Winter Season ended less than two weeks ago, but the LEC fans will not be getting a big break as the Spring Season is just a few days away. In the last two months we saw two favorites get destroyed, underdogs rising up to contend for playoffs, and, in the end, G2 Esports proved why they are the playoff kings of the LEC. However, that was all last split. This time, we may see something much different... or will we? Despite my predictions for last seasons being, hm, less than perfect last time, I´ll take one for the team and give my forecast once more. So, let´s get into it:

The Underdogs

10. Fnatic

9: Team Heretics

8. Excel Esports

7. Astralis

Less than two months ago, Fnatic and Excel Esports were two teams we expected to vie for the title, but that prediction aged like fine milk as the two teams ran into the ground and finished in the last two places after the winter regular season. There were rumors of (understandable) tension and frustration in both camps and with Elias "Upset" Lipp leaving for Vitality, we don't trust either to go far this season - though Excel should be better off. Team Heretics had their moments early on in the winter, but they were left more and more exposed as the season went on and we don't expect them to go much further. Finally, while we were impressed by Astralis' surge of energy in the last week of the round robin and the start of the playoff, we wouldn't be confident they could crack the top 6 again.

The Middle of the Pack

6. Team BDS

5. SK Gaming

4. MAD Lions

Team BDS had ups and downs in the winter split, vacillating between a very impressive team and being completely exposed. However, unless they prove unable to adapt to the new patches they should remain a dangerous team. SK Gaming, meanwhile, started slow but had a very strong showing after the first week and we expect they would continue being a player in the spring. However, we still give MAD Lions the nod over them to crack the top 4 - now that we know their bot lane seems to have gelled well and their mid and jungle duo remains capable even in playoffs, we expect the Lions to do quite well. 

The Kings of the LEC

3. KOI

2. Team Vitality

1. G2 Esports

MAD might have been shown they are still to be reckoned with, but overall we still think KOI is the stronger team of the two. They showed to be a very capable team when on form and with some time to prepare remain very dangerous. Meanwhile, Team Vitality - a squad that already impressed us early on before losing form in the groups - has made a key upgrade in the bot lane, signing Elias "Upset" Lipp to boster their roster. With him, this should be a team that can challenge for the title and a MSI spot. Still, we would give G2 Esports good odds to defend their crown. The team showed itself to be a powerhouse in all lanes and with their new jungler Martin "Yike" Sundelin proving himself to among the best junglers of the LEC, the future looks bright for G2. 

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The LEC Spring Split will kick off with a match between Fnatic and Excel Esports on Saturday,  March 11th from 18:00 CET. Don´t miss it!

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