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Vitality Secures Upset as Their New ADC for the Upcoming Split

Upset Return Vitality
The return of Upset! | © Riot Games

Upset will return to the LEC for the LEC Spring Split 2023!

We just finished the first-ever LEC Winter Split, and the EMEA players and coaching staff are already making plans for Spring. As always, the offseason comes with some spicy news about roster changes, and this one, in particular, is one a lot of us have been waiting for. 

According to Alejandro "anonimotum" Gomis from, Upset is returning to the LEC after signing with Team Vitality. Upset used to be the main ADC of Fnatic before they decided to put him on the bench and have Rekkles take the spot as the main bot laner instead. Many were surprised by this, considering Upset had been one of the top-performing ADCs in the LEC Spring Split 2022. 

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After Fnatic signed Rekkles, the team was unable to make it past the first stage in the LEC Winter Split. This is the first time in the history of the organization that Fnatic has not been able to make it further than playoffs.

It is safe to say that a lot is expected of Upset now that he is returning to the LEC. Earlier this year on the LEC Euphoria broadcast, LEC Winter Split champion and G2 support Mikyx said he felt the level overall in the bot lane had gone down with the absence of Upset.

I think he was one of the only bot laners where I was like "Wow, this guy is really good in lane." Like, Upset and Hylli were like really insane I think.

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Before the LEC Winter Split even started, many saw Team Vitality as the top contender for the Winter Split trophy. They also started the split going strong, finishing first place in the first half. However, when it came to their showings in groups, they did not make it further than fifth place. 

Upset will replace Vitaliy's current bot laner, Neon, who has been a part of the team since the beginning of this year. It will be exciting to see if adding Upset to the current roster, playing together with Kaiser, is what is necessary to bring them even higher up on the standings for the LEC Spring Split 2023.

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