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LoL: Disguised Toast Joins The NACL As Riot Reveals Plans For Challengers

Esports 25-05-2023 15:25
NACL Disguised Toast
LoL: Disguised Toast joins the NACL. | © Riot Games

Recently there has been quite a bit of talk surrounding the LCS Challengers League, with Riot changing the rules that every LCS team has to also field an NACL team as well. This has caused quite the uproar und uncertainty for young up-and-coming League of Legends talents that dream of going pro. 

Now, Riot have revealed their plans for the NACL, as well as which teams will be participating in the NACL 2023 Summer Split. One of the teams named is none other than Disguised, an org created by content creator Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang. 

LoL: Three LCS Teams Remain In Challengers

While most of the LCS teams have opted out of fielding a Challengers team this upcoming Summer Split after the rule changes, three teams remain a part of the path to pro, with FlyQuest, Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid Honda, all fielding NACL teams this upcoming split. 

Along with the three LCS Challengers squads, three semi-pro teams have managed to keep their spots in the NACL this year. Cincinnati Fear, Wildcard and AOE Gold will be part of the tournament in the Summer along with two teams that managed to make it through the Spring Promotion Tournament, Maryville University and Supernova. 

The NACL is made up of ten teams though. Disguised and Team Fish Taco are the final two teams that will be participating in the NCL this spring split. 

Disguised joining the NACL doesn't come as a shock, with Disguised Toast asking not too long ago about NA League of Legends talent, so many already had an idea that this could happen, though some thought Disguised might take up the slot of TSM, who have recently announced they'd be leaving the LCS and moving to another tier 1 region. 

NACL Summer Split Schedule

The NACL is going to be starting on June 10 until July 17, 2023. Teams will play a 6-week double round robin best of two tournament with the top eight teams moving onto the playoffs for a double elimination bracket. 

Riot also announced that the prize pool for Challengers is $100,000. 

The finals will be a LAN event in Los Angeles at the Riot Games Arena. Finals will take place on August 9, 2023. 


Riot have also announced that partner revenue sharing will be implemented for all NACL teams and that through the official NACL twitch channel, fans can buy subs and gain access to custom emotes. 

Let's hope more prominent personalities will become a part of the Challengers league, since just adding Disguised Toast into the mix has already given more attention to the league than any time before. 

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