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This is just a joke... we think.

LoL: Will ShowMaker Move To The LEC In 2024?

Esports 29-04-2023 10:00
DWG KIA showmaker
LoL: Is ShowMaker going to be an LEC talent come 2024? | © Riot Games

During a recent League of Legends stream from DPlus KIA mid laner Heo "ShowMaker" Su, he made some intersting comments after Vitality mid laner Luka "Perkz" Perković joined the stream to poke some fun at him. 

Of course, this was all done in good fun and it isn't to be taken serious, but it could be food for thought. Will ShowMaker be changing regions anytime soon? 

LoL: ShowMaker Promises Region Switch On One Condition

DPlus KIA did not manage to make it to the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational in Europe, meaning that 2021 World Champions like ShowMaker, as well as Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu will not be at the tournament this year. 

While the LEC was still in its playoff's, Vitality mid laner Perkz went into the chat of ShowMaker to make an... interesting proposal. 

In the stream, Perkz basically told ShowMaker that if he doesn't make it to the 2023 League of Legends World Championship, the mid laner should come to Europe, something ShowMaker agreed with. Perkz said he could kick Photon, Vitality's current top laner, and give the spot to ShowMaker who stated he could play top Syndra. 

It's all in good fun and obviously isn't to be taken serious, with both players joking around with one another, with fans on Reddit basically meme-ing Perkz and his creation of the 'all-mid' team. Who else would joing though? Caps? DoinB?

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Vitality has shown great promise throughout their Spring and Winter splits, always falling just short of the finals though. 

With some more communication and practice, the team can make it and could be one of the teams from the LEC to make the League of Legends World Championship. 

DPlus KIA, with players like ShowMaker and Canyon at the helm is also a promising squad to be an LCK representative at the 2023 World Championship on home soil.

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