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This is where you can watch MSI 2023

LoL: How To Watch MSI 2023

Esports 02-05-2023 14:40
MSI 2023
Want to watch MSI 2023? This is where you need to tune in. | © Riot Games

MSI 2023 is underway, with the best teams from all over the world coming together in London, England for some of the most exciting LoL action we've had in a long time. With a brand-new tournament format, and multiple teams from the main regions, this is looking to be quite the tournament. 

If you've missed the beginning of the tournament and want to watch T1 or the MAD Lions, but don't know the best place to watch MSI, then don't worry we'll go over the key information right now. 

LoL MSI 2023: How To Watch The Tournament

There are multiple ways to watch the tournament, with it being streamed on multiple platforms. Of course, you'll have to decide which platform to watch it on, depending on your own preference. You can also watch the games in any language, with it being streamed in multiple languages as well. 

This is also the first time, Riot has allowed co-streaming of the tournament, which means that your favorite streamer could also be streaming and commentating on the event. For example, former LEC player and LEC caster, Caedrel, has decided to co-stream the event rather than casting it live. 

MSI 2023 Links

If you want to watch the tournament in English, follow the links below of the official League of Legends channels to be able to watch the tournament. 

Earn Watch Drops For Watching MSI 2023

You can also earn watch drops just by watching MSI 2023. These esports drops will be randomly distributed as you watch the event. It's important to note that you have to watch on the official LoL esports website to be able to earn rewards, such as emotes, icons and more. 

MSI 2023 will crown the best team halfway through the year amd is a small taste of the upcoming League of Legends World Championship. It's time to defy expectations. 

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