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MSI 2023: JDG, Gen.G & T1 Named As Competitors By Bin After Dominant Victory

Esports 16-05-2023 19:35
BLG Bin MSI 2023
MSI 2023: Bin only named 3 teams in his post-game interview. | © Riot Games

Things are looking dire for the west at MSI 2023. G2 Esports had three very competitive games against BiliBili Gaming and one blowout loss in their 3-1 defeat in the second round of the Bracket Stage. 

In the post-game interview, BLG top laner Chen "Bin" Ze-Bin named the teams he was ready to take on and win against, but there was one team missing from the list. Sorry NA fans, but you're teams aren't even a thought for the LPL it seems. 

MSI 2023: Bin Forgets NA Exists

In the post-game interview Bin was asked to say a few words in English to the huge crowd that had gathered in London to watch G2 Esports versus BiliBili Gaming. 

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In his message to the fans he praised G2 saying that they were a tough opponent and that the team has gained confidence through this win. He also mentioned that they're now strong enough to face their next opponents. 

In his list of opponents that he mentioned, he left out one potential team though.. NA's last hope Cloud9. 

We are more strong, so we are going to win [against] Gen.G, JDG and T1. 

Feels bad, eh? Granted, Cloud9 still have an uphill battle to go with their next match against Gen.G. Cloud9 have also lost to BiliBili Gaming in their first bracket match. 

The next MSI 2023 game will be Gen.G vs Cloud9 on May 17, 2023. The winner will move on to face BiliBili Gaming in the next round of the lower bracket. 

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