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T1: Keria Might Have To Role Swap Due To Faker's Injury

Esports 05-07-2023 13:20
T1 Keria
Will Keria replace Faker? | © Riot Games

T1's League of Legends roster is in shambles. Team leader Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok just recently revealed that he's been playing with an injured arm throughout most of the Summer split, while bot laner Lee "Gumayusi" Min-hyung also stated on stream that he's fainted twice within the last week. 

T1 are currently in third place in the LCK and are on pace to make it to the League of Legends World Championship held on home soil, but will these injuries cause the team to miss the biggest international tournament of the year? 

LoL: T1 Plagued With Injuries - Will Players Take A Break? 

With all these injuries plaguing one of the most prominent League of Legends rosters on the planet, fans have started to theory craft on Reddit. While it hasn't been confirmed yet who is going to be starting for the team, some players believe that the team could be resting at least one of their top players. 

T1 is set to face off against DRX who currently sit in seventh place in the LCK with a 2-7 record on July 5, 2023. Some fans believe that Faker could be sitting out this match to rest his arm, which he wasn't even able to lift properly in a post-game interview after the team's win over NongShim. 

T1 is going to be playing their rivals, Gen.G later this week, so it would make sense for Faker to sit out and rest his injury before going up againt the first place team in the league. So, who would replace him? 

It was seen that T1's support Ryu "Keria" Min-Seok has been playing mid lane exclusively in solo queue, so many fans believe that he is going to be the starter for the team, which could mean that T1 will call up their T1 Academy support to fill in his shoes. 

LoL T1 Call Up Academy Mid Laner

T1 Poby Academy
Poby is the replacement for Faker. | © Riot Games

As the game T1 versus DRX kicked off, the teams lined up to walk into the arena and Faker was nowhere to be seen. The team called up 17-year-old Yoon "Poby" Sung-won from their Academy roster.

The T1 Academy team has been struggling, he's known for picks like Jayce, so we're going to have to see whether the synergy of T1 can come together in their match against DRX.

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