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Faker is injured!

Faker Has Been Playing With Injured Arm Lately

Esports 03-07-2023 16:15
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LoL champion Faker has been playing through an injury. | © Riot Games

Faker and T1 have not been playing up to par recently, and now it's been revealed that there could be a specific reason why the team is currently struggling in the LCK. If you call 6-2 and third place struggling that is. 

After their win against NongShim RedForce, Faker revealed that he has been playing through an injury the last few weeks and therefore has not been able to be in top form. What is T1 going to do in the future for their star mid laner? Will Faker have to sit out games? 

LoL Champion Faker Reveals Arm Injury

Playing through an injury is always tough, but doing so while having the expectations of one of the most toxic fanbases in esports on your shoulders probably makes it even tougher. 

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T1 is one of the most well-known esports orgs out there, with Faker, the highest achiever in esports, leading the team. But throughout the summer split the team has not been playing as well as many had hoped. 

After the game on July 2, 2023, Faker revealed that since around June 17, 2023 when the team faced off against BRION, he's been dealing with an arm injury. He will be going to hospital soon to have it looked at and to receive a diagnosis for the pain. 

According to a poster on Reddit, this also isn't the first time fans have heard about an arm injury from Faker. When jungler Choi "Ellim" El-lim was on T1, he also revealed that Faker had given him the name of his doctor whom he frequents. 

Also, a few weeks ago, a fan had seen Faker in the street and he dropped some of his medication on accident, which the fan then picked up and brought to him. 

Whether Faker will sit out and take a break is yet to be seen. The question is though, who would take over his position. The T1 academy roster currently sits in second to last place of the league, so many fans believe their backup mid isn't capable of leading a team against LCK players. 

Faker also still has a very busy schedule. He is part of the Korean roster for the Asian Games which are set to take place in September and T1 is also still in a good position to make it to Worlds this year. 

T1 is going to be playing their next match on July 5, 2023 against DRX. We're going to have to see whether Faker plays or he takes a rest to try and get his arm to heal properly. 

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