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15 - 0

T1 Set New LCK Record

Faker and T1
How many unique champions has Faker played on stage? | © Riot Games

No one has been able to even sneeze on T1 this Spring Split. Their team work is incredible, the best player of all time seems to be back in form, and the bot lane is probably the best duo on the planet right now. Does it surprise anyone that they've 15 - 0? 

T1 is back. Any long time esports fan can see glimpses of the 2015/2016 SKT T1 squad in this young group of athletes. Now they've even broken their own record, and one man was there for it all — Faker

T1 Go 15 - 0 to Start 2022 Spring Split 

In a recent interview with Ashley Kang of Korizon esports, T1 CEO Joe Marsh explained that the LCK is going to be much tougher in the Summer Split. Ahead of the 2022 season the team decided, instead of spending money on TheShy or Nuguri, they'd go with a young talent from their own Academy and Challengers team — Zeus. The gamble has worked out. Not only that, but they also managed to keep their bot lane together and Keria along with Gumayusi are tearing up the LCK right now. 

T1 has seemed unstoppable. They play better macro than any other team, which could be thanks to the unity the team has, as well as the shot calling from both Faker and Keria who are veterans in the league. Even games that don't look to be going their way, somehow fall into their hands. 

Enemy team gets a kill top lane? Fine, T1 take the drake in the bot lanne. Enemy team wants the baron? Sure, T1 will just invade your base and take inhibitor towers. These plays set T1 apart and is only possible due to the trust they have in one another, which is established through time. Now they managed to not only tie, but also beat the record of SKT T1 in 2015 of going 14 - 0, winning their fifteenth game in series. 

Faker Plays 71st Unique Pick 

We all know Faker has a big champion pool. He's played League of Legends professionally since 2013. Back then, things like Kha'Zix and Nidalee were mid lane picks, so it makes sense that someone with such a long tenure in the league would have a high number of unique picks. 

In their latest win on March 11, 2022 against the Kwangdong Freecs, Faker picked his 71st unique champion — Kai'Sa. Seems like a troll pick, right? It actually worked. He locked in the champion for the third game of the series against Fate's LeBlanc. Sure, there were a few gung-ho attempts made by the veteran, but overall Kai'Sa mid looked feasible. 

The way T1 has been playing is incredible and fans are hoping the team continues strong. Will the 18 - 0 season come true? Will T1 represent the LCK at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational