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The Best Player To Never Go Pro – MagiFelix

Esports 13-03-2024 12:50

Everybody who has ever cared about High Elo a little bit knows the name- MagiFelix. He was the type of player with 11 accounts in the top 10. But why was he never good in pro play?

Magifelix is the greatest SoloQ Player of EUW. | © Riot Games

MagiFelix is a player known to many. While he might not be as famous as Dopa or Faker he is not to be underestimated. He is known for having multiple challenger accounts at the same time and sometimes even multiple of them in the top 10.

Sometimes when he is bored, he only plays a single game of every character in the game, and still reaches the highest rank effortlessly.

While he was always on some smaller teams like Fnatic Rising or EURONICS Gaming, his first real shot at big esport was in 2021. Astralis took a chance with him.

MagiFelix Pro Play Career And Why It Didn't Work Out 

Magifelix 2
He left Astralis after only one split. | © Riot Games

After having quite a few successful splits with Fnatic Rising, Astralis acquired him for the 2021 LEC Season. While the results were not the greatest, reaching 9th place in Spring and 7-8th in Summer, it showed us why esports was never MagiFelix's priority.

MagiFelix wasn't necessarily the best player, but he pulled his weight. He was definitely an upgrade over Nukeduck at the time. Unfortunately, Astralis failed to qualify for playoffs and as such his chance ended. Misfits had him as a substitute for a month, but that was the last we saw of him in esports.

So now he is back where he belongs, grinding out the Solo Queue Ladder of EUW. 

But why did pro play not work out? MagiFelix was known to be very shy and had several social anxiety issues. This obviously limits the communication options that he has. These are very important in pro play and as such he would have needed a very special environment to thrive and prosper. 

Nobody knows if Astralis just failed to deliver on that environment, or if it was other problems within the team.

Galactic Azir
Azir was his favourite Champion. | © Riot Games

These are all just rumors, though. MagiFelix has stated in a Swedish Interview that these rumors are widely exaggerated but based on truth. While he has worked on many of these issues and claims that he has made great improvements, people's opinions have not changed. 

He also had a reputation for underperforming in situations where it matters the most.

Currently, he is still grinding out Solo Queue, unfortunately he is not streaming his games, so nobody can watch him play, but it's a shame that one of the best players in EUW does not get a second chance at pro play. 

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