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"This Chapter Of My Life Is Now Over": League of Legends Pro Announces Retirement From Competitive Play

Esports 22-03-2023 18:07
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League of Legends Pro Player Ablazeolive won't play competitive LoL anymore. | © Riot

No happy ending. Professional League of Legends player Ablazeolive announced on Twitter that he will be retiring after a weak LCS split.

Nicholas "Ablazeolive" Abbott began his career in late 2015. At first, the Canadian tried his hand at qualifying for the American Challenger Series, and then played one split there. His breakthrough moment came when he joined TSM's academy for the 2018 season, which saw the debut of the North American Academy League. 

Back then, he finished sixth and seventh in the league in a lineup with Rasmus "MrRallez" Skinneholm. In the spring of 2019 though, after rebuilding the lineup, Ablazeolive reached for the win, defeating Cloud9 Academy in the grand finals 3:1. 

"This chapter of my life is now over" | © Riot Games/Ablazeolive

However, even after such a good season, the mid laner did not find a place for himself in the League of Legends Championship Series and joined the Golden Guardians academy, where he spent a year. He ended up at Immortals, where he also finished his career.

The player announced his decision on Twitter:

Despite the fact that many of us will come out that an esports career is a prized success, from what Ablazeolive writes on Twitter, this is not necessarily the case.

Per Ablazeolive:

I have decided to retire from competitive League of Legends. The reason for retiring is that I have realized there are important aspects of my life that have been stunted due to my professional career and it is important for me to not push them aside any longer.
I want to thank all my fans for supporting me these last 8 years but
this chapter of my life is now over and the next step is beginning. [...]

Such personal decisions are not negotiable. All that remains is for us to wish him all the best and much luck!

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