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What patch are we playing on?

This Is The Worlds 2023 LoL Patch

Esports 08-09-2023 11:25

The 2023 League of Legends World Championship will bring together the best teams in the world, but what is the meta going to be? Thankfully we know which Patch to keep an eye on to find out!

Withered Rose Zeri
LoL Worlds 2023: Hopefully we don't see Zeri in every game again. | © Riot Games

News of the Patch for the 19th Asian Games has shocked the League of Legends world, with players having to hop into their time machines to go back all the way to June 2023. The big international tournament will be played on LoL Patch 13.12, which is... very outdated. 

Thankfully, actual Riot events will not be doing something like this, and instead the balance team is currently working towards an even playing field, so viewers don't have to see the same ten champions over and over in the upcoming event. 

Worlds 2023: What LoL Patch Is The Event Played On? 

Riot usually takes two or three patches to balance for the 2023 League of Legends World Championship. Makes sense, since this is one patch that viewers and players will have to accept for over a month of action, right? So, a lot of the balance already happening in the upcoming LoL Patch 13.18 is skewed towards the pro scene. 

Champions like Xayah getting nerfed is a clear sign that the balance team wants the bot laners to play something other than this safe bot lane pick. Multiple junglers have also received balance changes throughout the last few patches, to ensure a lot of variation in the role, with Riot even wanting to weaken the jungle overall. 

LoL Patch 13.19 is going to be the final patch though with all the Worlds adjustments locked in, since that's the one pro players will be using for the 2023 League of Legends World Championship. 

Sadly, Riot has revealed that K'Sante and other snowball champions will not be adjusted. Riot Phreak has stated before that K'Sante's priority has gone down in pro play, but some viewers are not convinced. Ahead of the MSI 2023 a similar sentiment was expressed, and the champion was still a key pick at the event. 

Riot will be making the final adjustments in Patch 13.19 which is set to release September 27, about two weeks before the 2023 World Championship will kick off in Seoul, South Korea. 

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