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Toxic players are quacking right now

New Feature Announced: Why Toxic LoL Players Will Have To Watch Out

More 20-09-2023 15:37

Riot is making some big changes to try and combat toxicity in League of Legends. But will these changes bring forth change, or just shift where players are toxic? 

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LoL: Singed is surfing the toxic wave in game and out of it. | © Riot Games

League of Legends players aren't the friendliest bunch sometimes, especially when precious LP is on the line. Things can quickly heat up and cause players to leave games, int down another lane, or simply become keyboard warriors calling their teammates, and opponents, any swear word they can come up with.

The stress of ranked play can cause players to go overboard and brings forth unneeded toxicity, which disrupts other players nights. So, Riot is trying to combat this toxicity and a new feature will be added soon. But is it going to 'save' League of Legends? 

LoL Patch 13.19: Players Could Get Locked Out Of Specific Queues

Riot has been working on different ways to combat toxicity for a while now and one of those options, that has been talked about before, is a way to lock toxic players out of ranked queue. This means that players who have prior records, chat restrictions or other forms of suspensions could be locked out of ranked for up to five games. 

In a recent Reddit thread Riot HuntedFork revealed the plans and when they are looking to implement the queue lockout onto the live servers. Their most recent announcement confirms that it will hit the live servers on Patch 13.19!

How does it work though? Well, Riot HuntedFork explained it on the Reddit thread. 

If you catch a suspension from the game or get to the point where you're getting more severe chat restrictions, you'll receive a ranked queue ban until you re-earn the ability to queue into ranked again. So hypothetically if you leave too many games to the point where you finally catch a 24 hour queue suspension, when that suspension is up you'll be required to play 5 normal games before you can step foot into ranked again.

For now, the behavioral team is not looking to extend this lockout for more than 5 games, no matter the offense or how often a player has already been reprimanded, since they believe that most of the toxicity you meet in games is from "people who are normally not toxic" but in a difficult situation. 

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The theory goes that putting people who are struggling with the stress of the ranked ladder in a lower stakes queue will allow them to take a breather. Or, if they hate norms that much, then at least encourage them to think twice before repeating their behavior. 

Riot will also make sure to monitor normal queue and the toxicity within to make sure that they are not simply moving toxic players from one queue form to another. 

Some players feel a bit split with this decision, but most are looking positively upon these changes. Will it truly work and help make League of Legends a little bit less toxic? Well, through trial and error is the only way we're going to know the truth in this situation. 

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I will be extra toxic the more they try to implement this nonsense. Like the AI bot silencing you for naughty words. That's an instant leave in the game. I don't care how many ques they give me. I'll just chill and watch a show. Ban the account, make another. Ban IP, use VPN. All the crybaby trash players and riot can eat a D. You brought this on yourself.


So normal player will inherit of them and beacause some normal player don't care about this sanction, they will be able to insult them for free. + it won't help normal ladder