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Worlds 2023: Key Motivation Factor To Make Worlds Finals For Keria Was NewJeans

Esports 14-11-2023 20:45

Ahead of the 2023 Worlds semi-finals, LoL star Ryu "Keria" Min-seok expressed his desire to meet the Korean pop group NewJeans. Now his dream is coming true. 

Guma keria semi finals worlds 2023
LoL Worlds 2023: The one thing Keria wanted was to meet NewJeans. | © Riot Games

Love and adoration might not be the same thing, but they are both extreme driving factors for some. This was also the case for none other than T1's support Keria, who expressed his desire to see and meet NewJeans at the finals, before even winning semi's. 

After a hard-fought 4-game series he's made his dream a reality and the star player couldn't be happier, already planning out which merch he's going to have signed. 

LoL Worlds 2023: Keria Makes His Dream Come True

Astronaut Bard
Keria's Bard gameplay earned him a spot at Worlds 2023. | © Riot Games

Both JDG bot laner Park "Ruler" Jae-hyuk and Keria had expressed their desire to see NewJeans live at the 2023 League of Legends World Championship Finals. The group will be performing the Worlds anthem, as well as HEARTSTEEL, who will be making their debut on the big stage. 

But who cares about HEARTSTEEL, when a meet & greet with NewJeans is on the line, right? Well, Keria did manage to make his dream come true and with a victory over JDG and he, along with the rest of T1 will be able to meet NewJeans ahead of the finals. 

The support player has already picked out his merch and is even ready to get it signed, revealing in the post-game interview after the JDG match that he asked the staff whether he'll be able to get some of his merch sigend by the singers. 

I heard that I will actually be able to see them at the Finals Press Conference. I have my merch and hoodie ready and asked the staff that if I make it to finals, I can get their autographs on my hoodie. So I'm so excited to get my hoodie signed by NewJeans.

NewJeans will be at the media day for Worlds 2023 where the players will also get a chance to meet them and maybe Keria will be able to get his shirt signed by them as well. 

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