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Beyond Gaming reverse sweps Galatasaray on Friday

Worlds: Hanwha Life and Cloud9 Reach Main Event with 3-0 Sweeps

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Beyond Gaming defeated Galatasaray, but HLE was a bridge too far © Riot Games

After a pair of five-game series on Friday, Hanwha Life Esports and Cloud9 swept Beyond Gaming and Peace to secure their main event spots.

After three days of non-stop battles elected the first two play-in teams to join the Worlds Main Event, the weekend saw six teams face off in best-of-five eliminations for the two remaining spots. Friday featured Galatasaray Esports and Beyond Gaming open the day, followed by PEACE and RED Canids. The winners would proceed to challenge Cloud9 and Hanwha Life Esports on Saturday for a spot in the top 16 on the line.

Galatasaray Esports 2-3 Beyond Gaming

Beyond Gaming was in control of much of the opening game because of good play by bot laner Chiu "Doggo" Tzu-Chuan and jungler Huang "HuSha"Zi-Wei. However, the TCL team was able to punish Beyond’s aggression and delay the game, especially after Onur Can "Bolulu" Demirol stole the elder drake, and eventually TCL's good late teamfights gave them the win. Game two also saw Beyond get the early lead, only to again fumble at the mid-game objectives and teamfights. Despite theirgold lead getting to 10K at one point and with an ocean soul, an overreach cost them four deaths and the game.

Beyond was two games down when they turned the series around. A much cleaner game three saw them get two early kills and take over. An early inhibitor  cemented their lead and the clutch fight near the infernal soul sealed their first win. They then prevailed in a very bloody game four - both teams traded blows, but as the game went on it was Beyond who were cleaner and executed better. Galatasaray snuck in a Baron, but even that was not enough.

In the decisive game 5, the PCS team got a big advantage in the bot lane. However, the TCL team punished some overreaches, took the first three dragons and equalized the gold. It was anyone's game when HuSha stole a Baron and turned the game firmly in his team's favor, setting up the reverse sweep.

PEACE 3-2 RED Canids

LCO Champions PEACE, meanwhile had a difficult start against Brazil's RED Canids. The CBLOL team won the first game with a great showing by AD Carry Alexandre "TitaN" Lima dos Santos, whose Ezreal dominated the mid game.  PEACE got their revenge in game two, when they got early kills on their carries, took over after the 15-minute mark and eventually got their first win in the series after a 27-minute ace.

The good showing for the Australian team continued in game three, where after a first blood in the bot lane they were soon ahead in all lanes. While they made mistakes, PEACE were too far ahead - and what started as a pick 23 minutes in ended in an ace for the LCO team, who ended the game soon afterwards. 

The Brazilian team replied with heavy pressure top, leading to an all court press in game four. Their early advantage set all their carries for success, leading to another quick game - this time in their favor. Game five, however, was all about PEACE. The LCO champions got a series of early kills in different lanes and were far ahead from the opening minutes. They got an inhibitor in just over 17 minues and it only took them a few more to claim victory.

Hanwha Life Esports 3-0 Beyond Gaming

Beyond came out with top laner Wu "Liang" Liang-Te in the mid lane after Riot banned their starting mid laner Maoan. In the first game, the PCS team was  competitive, staying even in kills with good scaling. Doggo showed signs his Aphelios would take over, but as the game progressed HLE looked stronger. Kim "Deft" Hyuk-kyu’s Miss Fortune was a powerhouse as well and a clutch Bullet time shredded Beyond 28 minutes in set his team.

The LCK team picked up the pace in game two, getting kills in the side lanes to take over the early game. HuSha did what he could on Viego, but 12 minutes in Beyond overextended in a tower dive and got aced. After that, the LCK team was too far ahead and easily got to match point.

Sadly, Beyond did not have it in them for another reverse sweep. Soon, Hanwha was fully in control again. The PCS team tried desperate measures, sending several people to kill one player and losing objectives on the map. After Hanwha secured the Baron, they pushed 4v5 and got two inhibitors from Beyond’s, before routing them to get the win.

Cloud9 3-0 PEACE

PEACE had a good start in their series against Cloud9 and got several kills early in game 1. However, the LCS representatives' good macro game enabled them to staky close, and eventually they punished PEACE's overaggression with an ace. The game stayed close until 33 minutes in Cloud9 got four kills and that was enough for them to end the game

The Australian team took first blood in the next game but C9 hit back hard, winning several several early skirmishes to get a 3.5K lead just 10 minutes in. Robert "Blaber" Huang's Olaf was a monster and soon, Cloud9 were fully in control. They secured the Baron on spawn and ended the game soon after.

Under the pressure, PEACE was falling apart and game 3 showed it. Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen’s Lucian pressured the bot lane hard, standing at 3/0 just 7minutes in. Cloud9 was demolishing all lanes and just 16 minutes in had a 10K gold lead. The LCO team was rouetd time and again and C9 sealed the deal with a 19-minute victory.

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