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Hacking League of Legends: 6 Tips to Get Ahead

League of Legends Champions
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While there are many top-tier multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games in the industry today, there’s almost none that matches up to League of Legends

With more than 150 different champions and a constantly evolving meta, this game is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat till the end. It’s no surprise it raked in over $1.75 billion in 2020 alone.

However, the game does get challenging as you climb up in the ranking system, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get to the top. That's why we've got six tips for you so you can get ahead in this infuriatingly fun game.

6 Tips to Improve Your League of Legends Stats

1. Focus On One Champion

This one might be a controversial tip since many gamers think that widening the champion pool allows you to know what other champions in the game are capable of, giving you the upper hand.

LoL Champions
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While this is true, focusing on one champion comes with way more advantages – at least when you're just starting out. You'll be able to remember your champion’s combos, damage caps, and ways to escape, just to name a few important stats. Overall, this means you'll always have the upper hand, whether you play against this champion you've mastered or pick it yourself.

Concentrating on one champion also helps you focus on its build, which determines how fast you get ahead in the game. A build is a collection of items your champion purchases throughout the game and the order in which you buy them. It also consists of the runes and Summoner Spells you pick ahead of the game in champion select.

So to sum up: focusing on one champion means you're going to know them better in terms of how they work, their strength, and their abilities. This information can ultimately help you know what items and resources to acquire to boost your champion’s abilities. For instance, picking the right keystone rune for your champion enhances their damage output and attack speed.

2. Keep Your Champion Circle as Small as Possible

If you prefer playing more than one champion in ranked, keeping your circle as small as possible is advisable. Playing a few champions in the game allows you to get in tune with them and focus on enhancing them, increasing your chances of winning.

We recommend having one main champion and adding another 2-4 extra ones as a backup just in case your main one gets countered or banned. However, you have to determine what you want before picking extra champions.

If you prefer sticking to one playing style in the game, you could choose champions of the same type, such as fighters. On the other hand, if you love diversifying, you could pick champions of different types such as assassins, tanks, and bruisers.

3. Take Advantage of the Kiting Technique

This is undoubtedly one of the most important defensive and offensive techniques to master in this game, especially if you’re a mid-laner or ADC. Kiting involves creating a considerable distance between your opponent and yourself while dealing as much damage as possible. This will enable you to take the least damage while still inflicting the most damage on them.

One essential tip for this fighting mechanism is to always ensure that your enemy is within the range of your targeted spells and auto attacks while keeping a distance from them. That way, you will inflict the most damage while staying safe.

Typically, there are several types of kiting, but let’s explore the two most common ones; omnidirectional and linear directional kiting.

Omnidirectional Kiting

Omnidirectional kiting involves moving or strafing in different directions, enabling you to be in a position where you can inflict the most damage on your enemy while avoiding most (if not all) damage from them. 

This type of kiting is mostly utilized by champions who are more mobile, such as Graves, Vayne, Ezreal, and Lucian. 

The main advantage of Omni directional kiting is that you can move in different directions while still holding your fighting position in a team or solo fight.

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Linear Directional Kiting 

Linear directional kiting involves moving away from your opponent in one direction. This is the most common type of kiting as it is pretty straightforward.

What’s more, it has a high potential for turning, a technique that involves re-engaging with the opposing team when they think they have the upper hand in the battle.

4. Ward Effectively

Purchasing wards is one thing, but how, when, and where you place them as you go along significantly affects your success in the game.

Wards are an essential part of League of Legends. There are a multitude of differnt wards, some of which are free, while others cost you some money, but its money well spent when you light up the fog-of-war, right? Vision wins games even if you have to spend 75 gold. 

Correctly placing wards can go a long way in helping you know your enemies’ locations and anticipate their every move. There are different types of wards, each with its own set of abilities that can be beneficial if used correctly. Among them include Stealth wards, Totem wards, Control wards, Farsight wards, and so on.

Before placing your ward, weigh how long it will last against the information it will provide. For instance, while a ward may give you valuable information, placing it in ward hotspots where almost every player checks for enemy wards may not be of help.

Another valuable tip is always to place your wards based on your team’s position in relation to the opponent(s). For example, if your team is constantly being invaded, place your wards at your jungle’s entrance and check for enemy wards.

5. Get the League of Legends Account You Want

This is quite a controversial tip, as many sources advise gamers against buying a League of Legends account because of the risk of being scammed. However, there are trustworthy third-party vendors like MMOGah that gamers can buy LoL accounts from.

There are many advantages to purchasing an LoL account. The main one is that you can get an account that is at the level you want. This saves you the time and energy you would have spent grinding to reach that particular level.

6. Last Hit Like a Pro

Last hitting is a significant skill that determines whether you’ll be the last player standing in the game. Landing that last killing blow on an enemy minion not only earns you gold and experience points but also enables you to farm safely.

When last hitting minions under the tower, it’s advisable first to understand the amount of damage the towers can inflict on them versus the amount of damage your champion can inflict on them. That way, you will know how to act.

For instance, a melee minion at full health can take two shots from the tower before you can take it down with the last hit.

Another valuable tip is to freeze the enemy minion’s waves when you get the chance to do so. This means putting them in a position that is safe for you to farm and dangerous for your opponent to move up to CS. However, keep in mind that you can only do so if you are more powerful than your opponent.

Finally, take advantage of the tool built within the game that allows you to practice last-hitting minions.

Final Thoughts

While League of Legends is a highly competitive MOBA game, it is not hard to master. All you need to do is practice and have an open mind to learn new skills and strategies.

An excellent place to start is to pick a beginner-friendly champion. Do your research and find out which champions are easiest to work with. That way, you’ll be able to advance quickly in the game.