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League of Legends One For All: The Best Champions

Guides 10-03-2024 13:00

One For All is back in League of Legends and we want to know what the best champions for this fun game mode are! 

Zilean Polaris Skin
League of Legends: Which champion should you pick in One For All? | © Riot Games

One For All is going to be added back into the game very soon for the High Noon event, which means it's time to try and be the best team made out of a single champion again. It's been years since we've last got to play this game mode and finally it's back. 

So, which champions should you pick when it's time to get back onto the rift in this game mode? Shaco with way too many clones? Neeko? We've got some of the best options for you right here. 

League of Legends: The Best One For All Champions

3. Morgana

Porcelain Morgana
Morgana is so annoying. | © Riot Games

Morgana in any game can be quite annoying, especially for low MMR players. Now imagine having to play against five of them. How many black shields does that make...? One, two... Five! While Morgana isn't the most difficult champion to kite, her stun is annoying and her black shield can truly get in the way of fun. 

So having that multiplied by five will mean that she is all the more obnoxious in One For All. Then you have one Morgana go AP, another tank and you've got a whole team comp all around this one champion who is going to stun you to death. Disgusting. 

2. Zilean

Blood Moon Zilean
I wish nothing but the worst on those of you who pick Zilean. | © Riot Games

Zilean is another champion who is obnoxious on his own, but multiplied by 5 is going to be the most annoying champion to deal with. He gives his friends speed boosts, throws his bombs left, right and center meaning enemies won't be able to walk anywhere... all this while having an instant "you don't die" button. 

Zilean might not be the most loved or exciting champion in the game, but with a game mode like One For All you can be so obnoxious that it'll make your enemies want to quit the game right away. 

1. Zac

Empyrean Zac splash
This is so annoying! | © Riot Games

One more pick that we can highly recommend if you want to annoy your enemies is none other than Zac. He's got great mobility, scales super well and is just a menace in lane and in the jungle, meaning you can go anywhere and everywhere you please. 

He's also got a great passive which lets him survive through lethal damage and he can heal himself up just by picking up some goo that fell off his weird-looking gooey body. If you're looking for a tank to play with decent range and some good damage numbers that is also unkillable? Then look no further than Zac. 

These are three of the top One For All picks that our Riftfeed editorial team found. Of course, there are other annoying picks like Zyra or Karma as well, but we wanted to give some good diversity here. Have fun and hope you win! 

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