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LoL: New High Noon 2024 Skins - Everything You Need To Know

News 06-03-2024 10:57

High Noon is one of the best skin lines in the game and that is absolutely not changing with these bunch of skins. 

High Noon Gragas
This might just be the best skin Riot has ever made. | © Riot Games

We have been getting High Noon skins almost every year now, and they are always a treat. At the start of the skin line it was heavily inspired by the wild west aesthetic as you can see with the classic High Noon Yasuo. 

For a while though the skin line has evolved into a theme of Devils and Angels in the Wild West. Certainly a change that I am very happy about.

LoL High Noon 2024 Skins: All Confirmed Champions & Cost

High Noon Rell
Rell is finally getting a new skin! | © Riot Games

All the skins that will be released have been revealed by Riot themselves.

Skin NameChampionCost
High NoonGragas1350 RP
High NoonEvelynn1350 RP
High NoonRell1350 RP
High NoonYone1820 RP
Prestige High Noon Evelynn2000 Tokens
Peacemaker High NoonYoneMythic Variant
High Noon Yone
Unfortunate Victim of the 200 $ Attack. | © Riot Games

Riot still believes in Mythic Variants so we will be getting a new one for the upcoming Yone Legendary skin. I hate this.

Release Date For Upcoming Porcelain Skins In LoL

The High Noon skins and the associated event will release in Patch 14.6 on March 20, 2024. 

These skins will have chromas in the event shop, and we might even see the return of older event chromas. Stock up on some RP because we are going to the Wild West!

Do you like these skins? I will instantly be buying the whole Gragas Bundle.

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