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We want skins for christmas!

LoL: The Best Christmas And Winter Skins

Skins 24-12-2023 12:00

Received some RP as a Christmas gift and not sure what to spend it on? No worries! We've compiled a list of the best Christmas and winter skins in League of Legends, just for you!

Which skin should you get for christmas? | © Riot Games

League of Legends offers a diverse selection with over 160 champions and a whopping 1,000 skins, ensuring there's something for every player. As the temperatures dip below 0 Celsius (and 32 Fahrenheit) and snow blankets the ground, it's the perfect moment to explore the festive side of the game with Xmas and winter skins.

With Christmas on the horizon, now's the ideal time to showcase your favorite Christmas skins for your main champions. We've curated a list of the best Christmas skins to help you get into the celebratory spirit.

The Cream of the Crop: Christmas and Winter Skins in League of Legends

5. Winter Wonder Neeko

This skin just has this magical vibe. When I see the splash art, it's like a Frozen scene with all those crystals and snow in her hand, sparkling away. The way they did the highlights and shadows is also spot-on. Plus, it's Neeko's first-ever skin, so maybe that's why it's stuck in my head—it's like the OG Neeko look.

Winter Wonder Neeko
That Winter Wonder Neeko's splash art is just something else, isn't it? | © Riot Games

Time really flies, huh? Winter Wonder Neeko and the champ herself were both released five years ago in 2018—feeling a bit ancient now, right? Neeko being a 5-year-old champion is a reality check! The skin, at 1350 RP, is truly deserving of its epic status. The high-quality design shines through both in the splash art and in-game, making it worth every RP. Time may have passed, but this skin's aesthetic appeal remains timeless.

4. Re-Gifted Amumu

Christmas isn't all about happy smiles, right? That's why we've also included the saddest mummy of them all—none other than Amumu, donning one of his most melancholic skins, Re-gifted Amumu. Despite its sad undertones, this skin looks fantastic in-game and is arguably one of the best Amumu skins available.

Regifted amumu skin
Yes, Amumu, I can give you a hug! | © Riot Games

Even though this skin is a bit of a throwback, dating back to 2010, it's a classic gem that still holds up. At a budget-friendly 520 RP, it's a steal. So, let's make Amumu's Christmas a memorable one and sport this skin as we dive into games with friends, escaping the inevitable family drama that tends to tag along during the Holidays. Time to spread some cheer on the Rift!

3. Santa Braum

I mean, just take a moment to appreciate those abs on Santa Braum. Do we even need to say anything more? Sure, League of Legends has its fair share of Santa skins—Gragas, Draven, Veigar, and Zilean all joining the festive lineup. But let's be honest, none of them come close to the glory of Santa Braum!

Santa braum
I'll take all 5 Poros. And the buff guy, too... | © Riot Games

For a reasonable 1350 RP, Santa Braum is really worth it, considering it graced the scene in 2016 and remains a top-tier, high-quality skin. The animations are on point, and let's not forget him cruising on a sleigh with adorable Poro-reindeer steering during homeguard. It's cuteness overload! Honestly, there's absolutely no reason to not use this skin, even in the middle of July.

2. Prestige Winterblessed Camille

Prestige Winterblessed Camille is a recent addition to the winter skin lineup, making its debut in the final patch of Season 13. Maybe I'm just biased, but there's something about this skin that has me completely hooked. The splash art paints her as a truly epic character, and the meticulous attention to detail, especially for a prestige skin, leaves me utterly breathless.

Prestige Winterblessed Camille
The aura, the stance, the sheer passion—Prestige Winterblessed Camille has it all. | © Riot Games

You can snag this fabulous skin through the Winterblessed 2023 battle pass by collecting 2,000 tokens. If you miss out, don't fret too much—she's bound to make her way to the mythic shop later on. This iconic queen won't be gone for too long. In my book, it's hands down one of the finest prestige skins made by Riot. To all you Camille mains out there, don't miss out your chance on getting this skin!

1. Winterblessed Diana

Diana may be a challenge to deal with in-game, but she's got the ultimate winter skin that takes the cake. Why? Because she has the power to resurrect the beloved winter map that every League of Legends player yearns for. How, you ask? Simple—achieve a Pentakill! It's a bit bittersweet that the map only transforms with a Penta, but when Diana pulls it off, the landscape turns into a snowy winter wonderland for a brief period, bringing back nostalgic memories of the good old days in League. Still holding out hope for Riot to bring back the old winter map, though!

Winterblessed Diana Splash
The fate of the winter map rests upon the shoulders of the scorn of the moon. | © Riot Games

For 1820 RP, this legendary skin is an absolute standout. The transformative power of a Pentakill, turning the entire map into a winter wonderland, justifies every bit of the price tag. But wait, there's more! When Diana ults multiple opponents at once, she changes her appearance from a cool blue to a more refined and elegant purple color, elevating the awesomeness to a whole new level!

Here are my top 5 Christmas and winter skins, but I'd love to hear if you have different favorites! Share your thoughts in the comments below, and wishing you all a joyful holiday season!

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