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Fasting Senna is making her return.

Worlds 2023 Sees Return Of Senna Tahm Kench As Specific Counter

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If you've been keeping tabs on Worlds 2023, you've probably noticed the resurgence of the Senna and Tahm Kench bot lane duo. Let's dive into the strats and stats behind this classic combo's return to the rift.

Gumayusi (pictured) and Keria played Senna / Tahm|©Riot Games

Senna / Tahm Kench has been picked three times at Worlds so far, boasting a 100% win rate and an impressive average KDA of 40.

It was chosen once by T1 and twice by NRG, with both teams achieving outstanding results. However, they don't select it as a blind pick; it's more effective as a counter to specific compositions.

Worlds 2023: When To Pick Senna & Tahm Kench

Senna / Tahm is often chosen against dive comps. In every instance it was played at Worlds, the opponents had Rell, and in two games, they had Kai'Sa.

The advantage lies in Tahm Kench's potency during the early game. He can sustain in lane effectively using Doran's Shield and his E. 

Meanwhile, Senna scales for late-game performance, substituting the traditional ADC. Given her range and healing capabilities, this duo can dominate the laning phase. Their power spikes dramatically once Tahm Kench secures his first item, which, in pro play, is consistently Sunfire Cape costing 2700 gold.

When the enemy wants to dive onto Senna, Tahm Kench can just eat her and disengage their divers while she is safe. 

Senna & Tahm Kench Bot Lane: Specific Builds

Senna Tahm
Senna and Tahm are back |©Riot Games

FBI typically opts for Stormrazor into Rapid Fire Cannon, whereas Gumayusi prefers Umbral Glaive leading into Eclipse. These might be individual preferences, considering the consistent presence of tanky champions across all games.

Usually, Tahm Kench progresses from Sunfire Cape to Jak'Sho, enhancing his damage-over-time in team fights.

Integrating This Combo SoloQ

Pair up with a friend and practice. The Senna player should be skilled both as an ADC and in warding. On the other hand, the Tahm Kench player should excel in farming and playing tanky champions. Ideally, a top laner who's also comfortable in the bot lane is the perfect teammate.

In SoloQ, Tahm Kench should prioritize Heartsteel. It's more advantageous given the frequent skirmishes and opportunities for its activation. This combination is currently even stronger than in the Worlds patch, especially after Tahm Kench received significant buffs in the latest Patch 13.21.

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