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Canyon must feel so lonely

T1 Sweep All-LCK Teams

News 22-03-2022 19:00
T1 All LCK Team
T1 have truly dominated this split like no other team could. | © Riot Games

The 2022 LCK Spring Split came to an end last weekend, and it's time to announce the big winners. Which players have managed to make it onto the All-LCK Teams, and who won the Spring Split MVP Award? 

Faker, Gumayusi, Canyon and Keria, any of them could have won it all, but who managed to take home the title of 2022 LCK Spring Split MVP? And who is part of the first LCK-All Star team? 


Keria First Support to Win LCK MVP Title

The 2022 LCK Spring SPlit Most Valuable Player Award goes to none other than T1's Keria. This is the first time in the history of the award being given out that a Support player has managed to snatch the title. We've already touched upon it in another article, but Keria has been one of the best players in the world. 

With over 460 assists throughout the Spring Split, Keria has broken LCK records. It also goes to show how important he is to T1. He finished the season with over 72% kill participation, going undefeated on both Thresh and Nautilus throughout the Spring Split. 

T1's captain and veteran mid laner Faker came in second for MVP votes for the 2022 Spring Season. 

DWG KIA Canyon, Only Non-T1 Player on First All-LCK Team 

Along with Keria being crowned the 2022 LCK Spring Split MVP, the LCK also announced their three All-LCK teams. To no one's surprise, most of the T1 players were named as part of the first All-LCK team. 

These are all the players on the 2022 Spring All-LCK First team: 

  • Zeus - T1
  • Canyon - DAMWON KIA
  • Faker - T1
  • Gumayusi - T1
  • Keria - T1 

This being Zeus' debut season and already getting named onto the All-LCK team is a feat all on its own. Ahead of the 2022 season many fans were worried about the young players performance and was seen as the weak link of the team. 

Canyon earned a total of 1600 MVP points throughout the 2022 LCK Spring Split, more than any other players, earning himself a spot on the first team. He is by far the best jungler in the league, but wasn't able to carry DAMWON KIA onto the first place. 

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Who Are on the Second and Third All-LCK Teams? 

The second All LCK team is led by Chovy who once again showed off his excellent laning prowess. He is undoubtedly the best laner in the world, but will have to step up in the LCK Playoffs to try and earn a spot at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational with Gen.G. 

  • Rascal - KT 
  • Oner - T1
  • Chovy - Gen.G
  • Ruler - Gen.G
  • BerryL - DRX 

The third All-LCK team has many familiar faces as well, with players like Lehends and Peanut earning their spots. Though, some could debate whether Peanut should have gotten a spot on the second All-LCK team. 

  • Kiin - Kwangdong Freecs
  • Peanut - Gen.G
  • ShowMaker - DAMWON KIA
  • Deft - DRX
  • Lehends - Gen.G 
DAMWON Canyon 2022 LCK Spring
He carried DWG KIA on his back. | © Riot Games

Player of the Split Goes to Canyon

Canyon was probably the reason why DAMWON KIA managed to finish third in the regular split. Judging by the amount of Player of the Game votes he received throughout the split, it's easy to see that he was the most impactful player on his team. 

The 2022 LCK Playoffs will kick off on March 23, 2022 with Fredit BRION taking on Canyon and DAMWON KIA. The winner will move onto the semi-finals against either T1 or Gen.G who finished in first and second place. 

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