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Faker has led his team to a 18-0 season

T1 Make LCK History - Again

Undefeated indeed | © T1

With a 2-0 sweep against DRX, T1 have done what many believed to be impossible - end the LCK season with a 18-0 match record. DRX made few mistakes, but T1 capitalized well and delivered a masterclass in teamfighting and vision control. Playoff contenders beware - T1 are coming for another title!

It has been a standout season for T1, who have gone on an absolute rampage across the LCK. The team already secured the first place in the regular split before this week had started, standing 17-0 series wins after their 2-0 against Liiv Sandbox, Throughout the season, T1 had only lost 7 games - and no team had managed to take a match off them. The last hurdle before the historic 18-0 record was DRX, a strong team contending for third place. Would veteran Kim "Deft" Hyuk-kyu rally his team to victory against the "Unkillable Demon King" Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok or would T1 do what no one before them could?

The first game was initially even, but as it went on, T1's superior macro was on full display. When DRX pulled their top laner for a kill in the botlane, Choi "Zeus" Woo-je was left free to get get several tower plates and soon, his Jayce was monstrously strong. The favorites amassed a gold lead and used it to control the map. They won several skirmishes and after DRX attempted a pick 25 minutes in only to lose 3, the game's outcome was crystal clear. A few minutes later, an ace for T1 sealed the deal and put them on match point.

Fans wanted #T1win and T1 did not disappoint. | © Riot Games

The second game started catastrophically for DRX, who lost a kill in the top lane and then committed for a botlane fight only for Faker's Veigar to pick up three kills before the ten minute mark, with the rest of his team securing six more. To their credit, the challengers initially kept the gold close and clawed several more kills. However, once the map was opened, T1's control was on full display yet again. A top-tier vision game and masterful teamfighting left DRX no way to get back into the game. Nothing they could do worked and in the end, they had to resign themselves a second loss, becoming the last step on yet another T1 record. The 18-0 dream is true and T1 have added one more page to their storied legacy - and we aren't even in playoffs yet!

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Speaking of which, the LCK playoffs themselves are knocking on our door, kicking off on Wednesday, March 23rd. Will T1 continue their undefeated streak into the playoffs,or would one of the other contenders do the unthinkable? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages!