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Aurelion Sol In Lol Patch 14.3: Why He's Still Broken After The Hotfix

News 12-02-2024 14:47

Aurelion Sol recently got buffed in Patch 14.3 and immediately got hotfix nerfed. Many players thought that he got even weaker than before the buffs, but he is actually still pretty good. What makes the new ASol still an upgraded version?

Porcelain Aurelion Sol
Aurelion Sol gets his first legendary skin! | © Riot Games

Aurelion Sol is a champion known for his immense late game strength. His passive allows him to collect star dust, which in turn upgrades his abilities. Generally his stacking is pretty slow, so he would play the game very safe at the start and start heavily influencing team fights in the later stages of the game. 

In Patch 14.3 Riot Games has attempted to shift Aurelion Sols Power more into the early game. They changed how he would gain stacks and also gave him some more early game fighting power when he combined his W with his Q. 

Needlessly to say Aurelion Sol was completely broken having over 57% win rate after the changes. 

LoL: Aurelion Sol Still Strong After Hotfix

Storm dragon aurelion sol
Aurelion Sol is still strong! | © Riot Games

Riot basically responded instantly. The hotfix was fast and brutal with many even going as far as to say that he was now weaker than before the buffs. The Hotfix was aimed to take away his early trading power and also slow down his stack gain. 

It did exactly that. But Aurelion Sol is still in a pretty good place. In Patch 14.2 before all the buffs he was decent already with a nice 51.04% win rate

Currently, in Patch 14.3 he is still sitting at a pretty strong 52.68%. This makes him one of the stronger mid laners in the patch and the strongest mage overall. 

So why is he still that good if the hotfix nerfed him so much? Early Game Agency. The ability to influence the game before minute 20 has been incredibly valuable, especially in Season 14. Voidgrubs are a thing now, and moving for and with your jungler will allow you to win the game earlier. 

Giving ASol early skirmishing power and in general the ability to play the map more is infinitely more valuable than sitting under a tower and farming stacks to hit a big ult late game.

I'm sure the buffs made a lot more players try Aurelion Sol out and his big early game damage gave them the confidence they need to finally be a bit more proactive even after the hotfix nerfs. Sometimes all it takes is a little push into the right direction from Riot Games to show players what a champion can actually do and what he should do even. 

Usually this comes in the form of placebo buffs to make players try out different champions, but in this case it was just overbuffing and hotfix nerfing. Overall, he is a little stronger now and might even get nerfed again if he keeps performing really well.

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