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"Don't Eat The Gromps": This Is What Smolder's Mom Is Saying

News 08-02-2024 11:59

Smolder's Mom is very vocal in League of Legends, but sadly we don't understand a single word she is saying. This might change today!

Smolder splash art
Smolder is the current newest Champion. | © Riot Games

Smolder is the most recent champion release in League of Legends. While the champion has a unique kit and cool animations, this is not what we are going to talk about today. 

Most League Champions shine through their lore and interaction with other champions, and while Smolder does that, he has something else that no other champion has. A mother to talk to. A Dragon Mother. She roars, and we were left guessing what it could mean. Until now.

LoL: Smolder's Mom Is Looking Out

Smolder's Mom is the coolest dragon on the rift by far, and she is always looking out for her little fledgling. In the conversations between the two, we can only hear her roar and assume what she said based on Smolder's responses, but a Rioter has shared some of her translated voice lines.

Senior Writer KristinaSoski has shared on Twitter/X that humans can basically understand dragons, but Smolder's mom chooses to use the draconic language to keep herself and smolder in touch with the ancestral heritage. She also shared some snippets of what her voice lines look like translated.

Heavenscale Smolder
Smolder is also part of the Heavenscale event. | © Riot Games

I personally love that she doesn't want him to eat Gromp's because they are actually poisonous. She is very protective of her son, and the voice lines are super cute and wholesome and add a ton of fun to the playable champion itself.

Personally, I love Smolder and if anything happens to him, I will kill everyone and then myself!

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