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That is not what we expected G2’s long winning streak to end like

BDS Upset G2 and XL go 2-0 in LEC Week 2


Team BDS defeated G2 | © Riot Games

Week 2 of the LEC Summer split offered plenty of surprises - from Astralis’ continued good form to Excel Esports taking names and Team BDS showing what they can do even in the face of a fed Caps.

Summer is here and with it, so is the summer season of the League of Legends European Championship. The first week already gave us some heated matchups like Rogue’s clashes with spring rivals Fnatic and G2 Esports, but this weekend would feature clashes like Rogue facing off against MAD Lions and G2 going up against Team Vitality.

Upsets on the Menu for Friday

Friday started with another good game by Astralis, who set up a successful early game against SK Gaming and reaped the rewards. Despite their opponents’ good poke, an early Baron and four kills 23 minutes in set them for their third success. Already the team has as many victories as they did during the spring split.

What followed was a test of endurance for the fans, as Excel Esports started very strong against Team Vitality, only for an odd interaction with Silas’ ultimate to cause a long pause and eventually a remake. Once again, however, XL jungler Mark "Markoon" van Woensel had a good showing and led his team to a good game. Vitality fought off in the mid-game, even taking a Baron and an Elder Dragon, but a clutch teamfight for XL 34 minutes earned them the win.

After the dramatic showdown, Rogue brought us down to normalcy with a very dominant win against Misfits Gaming. The spring finalists were in control throughout the game and a snuck Baron gave them the extra lead they needed to give Misfits their fourth consecutive loss.

Team BDS punished G2 Esports hard early on, but even a 0-3 start was not enough to put Rasmus "caPs" Borregaard Winther's Ahri as he bounced back with several clutch fights. In the end, however, a clutch teamfight 31 minutes in gave BDS four kills and the Baron and they used them to give G2 their first defeat since the spring playoffs.

The final game was between Fnatic and MAD Lions. After a poor start, the Lions rebounded and kept getting the better of their opponents. A risky Baron 27 minutes paid off - MAD only lost one in the retreat, then won the next fight and used the baron to end the game.

2-0 Week for Excel after Win versus MAD

The Saturday games kicked off with a bout between Misfits Gaming and SK Gaming. Sadly for the audience in Berlin, the German representatives did not put up much of a fight, falling behind early and not finding a way back into the game.

Excel Esports were once more an early game powerhouse in their match against the MAD Lions. The UK needed only 20 minutes to storm into the MAD game, ending the game shortly after the 21-minute mark for the fastest win of the split.

Astralis took to the stage next in a fight against Rogue. Sadly, this is where their winning streak failed. Despite the strong start, they could not keep the pressure up and eventually Rogue took over to secure the win.

In addition to the shortest game of the split (so far), Saturday also gave us the longest as Fnatic and Team BDS went through a massive slugfest. It took 52 minutes for it to finally go one way as Fnatic stole the Baron and chased their opponents into their base for the victory.

The day ended with a showdown between Team Vitality and G2 Esports. Vitality’s good objective control allowed them to keep up in gold despite bleeding kills, but an ace 25 minutes in broke their resistance. G2 surged ahead and took the win to stay on top of the table alongside Excel.

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The LEC continues on July 1st as Team BDS faces off against MAD Lions. In the meantime, check our news and analysis here!