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She is here!

Bel'Veth Trailer is Officially Released

Bel'Veth Art
She looks incredible. | © Riot Games

There was probably some form of miscommunication between Riot Games and Riot Games LATAM, because the trailer for the next League of Legends champion, Bel'Veth has leaked early on the LATAM YouTube page. 

Does this count as a leak? Maybe... maybe not, but we take these mistakes. Just like Riot accidentally revealing the Malzahar and Vel'Koz trailers early, we now get to watch the new cinematic a bit ahead of time as well... even if Spanish isn't my forte — sorry I had to learn French in high school — we still tried to make out what was said in the trailer. 


Trailer Released in English

A quick edit to the article, even though the trailer was going to release on the official League of Legends YouTube at 12:00 PM PT, it seems due to the misscomunication, the trailer has been released a bit earlier in English as well, so enjoy the English trailer guys: 

Bel'Veth Transformation 

One of the key aspects of Bel'Veth will be her transformation. According to leakers, she will be able to transform and shift her shape around. This has been teased by Riot time and time again as well, dropping hints left right and center and well... now the new cinematic, accidentally released early, shows just that. 

We were waiting for a new creature champion and at first glance Bel'Veth reminds us of a Void Lissandra, but then, she transforms into a hideous beast, showing off rows of shapr teeth and her horrifying manta-ray shape. Yes, that's the creature champion we've wanted all along Riot. 

She patronizes Kai'Sa telling her how disappointed she is in her, as well as revealing her plans for Runeterra. The most devastating quote: 

"I am the end of your world." 

At least if my Spanish is correct that is the right quote, but it sounds horrifying enough so we hope so. 

Where Does the Cinematic Take Place?

The cinematic takes place right after the Season 12 introduction cinematic where Kai'Sa fights off Rek'Sai. We see her land deep witih the Void. But there are many more cool Easter eggs hidden throughout the trailer. 

She sees glowing butterflies, which we know from her new splash art, as well as Malzahar's teaser. Also, the same toy boat we see in the Malzahar teaser is also visible in this cinematic as well. 

Click me! | © Riot Games/RiftFeed

Does this mean that the young girl in the Bel'Veth and Malzahar teaser is actually Kai'Sa? It would make sense why she so adamently follows the butterflies that are carrying the toy boat around. 

The Void fish also make an appearance, swarming towards their empress as she makes a grand entrance in the video. Oh, and the purple hues of the new Kai'Sa Splash are also seen everywhere. 


Bel'Veth vs. The Watchers

Once again, the Spanish trailer dropped early so I cannot make promises on my translations, but it seems like Bel'Veth announces that she is more than just a mere creature from the Watchers. She is "not some mindless Voidd spawn" and says that she will take over Runeterra. 

She is one of the first sentient Void creatures, so seeing her lore will be truly incredible and interesting. Hopefully Riot will make the Void event just as hype as this trailer was. Who are you rooting for? Bel'Veth or Vel'Koz in this instance?