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Two trailers have leaked

Bel'Veth Trailers Leaked Online

Bel'Veth trailer
Is this what she looks like? | © Riot Games

Kai'Sa received a new splash art, Bel'Veth had her abilities leaked and now two trailers for the upcoming League of Legends Void Event have leaked online as well! We're getting fed good with lore content these days, right? 

After a drought of new information pertaining to our favorite new jungle champion, it seems that everything is coming at us at once. Seriously, this is getting us so hyped for the next League of Legends event. It looks to be promising with the destruction of Runeterra... but let's quickly check out the two new trailers. 

Void Event Trailers Revealed

Vel'Koz Trailer

Everyone rejoyce! Vel'Koz is going to play a big part in the 2022 League of Legends Void event! At least it seems like he is going to be playing an important role since he got his own trailer and he played a key part in it, looking frightened and worried. 

Eye of the Void. Your Watchers are incapable of understanding... I am the Void and I will remake all of Runeterra.

Throughout the clip we're able to see various Void creatures and a huge swarm of Void-like piranhas swimming around as well. Vel'Koz looks genuinely afraid as well... we're sensing some bad blood between him and Bel'Veth. 

Malzahar Trailer

On the flip side, Malzahar looks to be excited for what Bel'Veth has in store for Runeterra. He is her prophet and he is the one aiding her with her hostile takeover. 

My prophet. Your empress has arrived. Witness your rewrard... the end of everything. 

In this trailer, we see multiple shots of corrupted Runeterra falling apart. One incredibly interesting shot is also the first one of a little girl in Shurima holding a toy boat in her hand. A butterfly, by her side. Could this be Kai'Sa before she was taken to the Void? In the new Kai'Sa splash art, there is a similar butterfly by her as well. 

Void Kai'Sa
There is also a butterfly here... | © Riot Games

When Will More Information Release? 

These two trailers are currently unlisted on the official League of Legends YouTube page. Under them, the date May 20, 2022 is written, which could mean that on May 20, we're finally going to be getting more information on Bel'Veth, as well as the upcoming Void Event

There has to be a reason Kai'Sa got a new splash art, Kassadin got an upgrade earlier this year and even Malzahar got his own short story, right? All this is pointing towards the release of the Void upon Runeterra and all that begins with Bel'Veth, the Empress of the Void.