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Seriously Riot. Again?

Leaked Footage - Exclusive Skin Chromas Going to China Potentially

News 21-06-2023 18:40
Splash art enduring sword talon
Ready to Cultivate to Immortality | © Riot Games

As we all know, Riot Games' main revenue stream, as far as League of Legends is concerned, lies in skin sales. So, we are not surprised when even game balancing may be tuned to boost skin sales a time or two.

However, what does surprise us is the possibility of them adding new League of Legends skins, and making them exclusive to only one region. So, what exactly are talking about, and what does China region have that the rest of us don't?

China Region Exclusive Skin Chromas

Skin chromas are usually a recoloring of certain skins, and are only sold during special events. This fact makes owning them quite valuable, and owning any is a point of pride for a League player, making their champion even more distinctive.

A little-known fact is that, in China, there are some "special chroma splash", as the known leaker Big Bad Bear explains in his video. These are chromas available only via their gacha systems, something we are not subject to, thankfully.

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We were not missing out, however, as these exclusive chromas were only used on their website, and were never available to be used in-game. That is, until recently.

Leaked footage has surfaced of, what is called, the "Internal CN PBE Test", showing these exact chromas in the client. Now, you may be thinking that the chromas are only displayed in the client, as proof of ownership.

And while it's a logical conclusion, the footage clearly shows players shuffling between the "normal" skins and chromas, and these, exclusive ones, in champion select, with new chromas such as the Obsidian chroma for the Enduring Sword Talon skin, or an incredible looking, Guqin Sona chroma.

Furthermore, the footage even goes into the loading screen, showing clearly that the chromas are indented for in-game models as well, instead of just appearing in the inventory.

Now, this could be an extremely early leak for something coming to all LoL regions. We, however, doubt it. it all comes down to one simple fact, the champion choices. The chromas we see in the footage are of champions that are well-liked in China, and are played extensively.

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Or, the skins themselves are based upon Chinese mythology and culture. And knowing the actual beauty of said culture, we would certainly love it if we could appreciate it as well. Knowing Riot's track record when it comes to pandering to the Chinese market, we kind of doubt it.

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