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Did they really just do that?

Did Riot Accidentally Leak the Upcoming Project L Roster?

Snow Moon Illaoi
We know Illaoi is confirmed, but who else could be part of the game? | © Riot Games

Project L is going to be the next big game that Riot will release and every day we are getting more and more information trickling in. This time around though we've got a big leak though regarding the lineup of Project L. 

This information comes from Innovate gaming who has released the list for champions that could be potentially making their way into Project L. The twist? This information comes straight from Riot Games. 


Riot Survey Potentially Leaks Project L Cast

In a survey by Riot Games players were asked two very specific questions. One of which was asking players what the most iconic part of a champion is and then also asking if players "how likely [they're] interested in playing with this champion in other games?" 

Then the survey lists a bunch of champions and the list is... curious and has people thinking that this could be a big list of champs that will be made available for players in the upcoming Project L. The list has 22 champions on it, though it doesn't have Ahri, who is already confirmed by Riot ahead of time so they might not need her on the list. 

Curious though, Darius, Jinx and Ekko are on the list and they've also already been confirmed to be in Project L from previous video footage Riot has shared. 

List of Leaked Champion Names on the Survey

Let's check out the list of the leaked champion names. Is your favorite on there? Some champions could still be added later on as well, but these could be the champions we get upon release. 




This is the list of the 22 leaked champion names. As mentioned, Ahri seems to be missing even though she is confirmed already. Though we do hope that Fiora would be added or someone like Camille. Both champions could have great abilities that would fit into a fighting game. 

Unsure of what champions we would want? Check out our video: 

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