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Rift Rivals? Hell Yeah!

Project L Name or New Rift Rivals Format? What is True?

More 28-10-2022 18:00
Rift Rivaals 2017 again
Will we get another Rift Rivals tournament? | © Riot Games

In 2017 Riot introduced Rift Rivals to the community, trying to bring more international competition for our viewing pleasures, but this tournament only lasted a few years. The last time we held a Rift Rivals Tournament was all the way back in 2019. 

So now, there are some speculation that we could be getting a new Rift Rivals tournament next year. Let's check out the rumours and whether these can be true. Or maybe there is a completely different reason behind this new trademark...


Riot Trademarks New Tournament Name

One Reddit user found some interesting information regarding Riot and their trademark rules. Recently, Riot trademarked the terms 'Rift Rumble' in the category for entertainment, such as video game competitions. They also trademarked merchandise as well as broadcast rights for this name. 

Now, one way of looking at it could be that this is the name of an unreleased game by Riot and they want to get ahead of the curve and get the name 'Rift Rumble' ready for it. Which game, that is still unnamed, could this be? Well the Reddit user thought it could be Project L

Check out everything we know about Project L

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Would the name Rift Rumble make sense for such an epic fighting game though? Honestly, this game looks much more intense than 'Rift Rumble'... so we sincerely hope Riot doesn't go for this for Project L. Therefore we think that Riot could just rebrand the Rift Rivals tournament to something like Rift Rumble. 

Rift Rumble Design Leaked

Design Studio, who design all the Wild Rift logos also accidentally leaked an image of the Rift Rumble deisgn on their website all the way back in June 2022. This could have been only for internal use and for Riot to see so they quickly exchanged the images with the right Wild Rift esports design. 

So, this could have been a design for a future League of Legends 'Rift Rumble' esports competition or maybe even for future Project L competitions, if this really will be the name. This is just speculation though so we can only guess... 

LEC Format Change in 2023

The LEC will likely change its format in 2023 to include more best-of-three competitions. Judging by the change the league would kick off much earlier than in previous years and include three splits. Similar to the LCS format that also includes a kick-off tournament. 

So maybe, we're going to have a new Rift Rivals tournament thrown in there at some point by Riot to freshen up the international competition. Fans love MSI and the League of Legends World Championship so more international events could be a good idea. 

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