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What can we expect from Riot?

All Upcoming Riot Games

Song of Nunu
I want to finally play Song of Nunu! | © Riot games

It's been three years since Riot announced some of the games they've been working on during their 2019 10-year-anniversary stream. So, have more potential games been added to the list of upcoming Riot and Riot Forge games?

We love the world of Runeterra and League of Legends has so much lore and such interesting characters that we want to see them in multiple new games. Thankfully Riot is working on more games, like the upcoming fighting game, as well as the much-anticipated LoL MMORPG. But, what other games can we expect from Riot? 


Games Riot is Working On

1. Convergence: A League of Legends Story

This game will follow Ekko through the slums of Zaun. This is a game will also feature Piltover, which makes total sense with the two cities so closely related. The game is developed by Double Stallion Games and published through Riot Forge. You can already see the page for the game on Steam where it says it should be released in 2022. 

This colourful game will be a 2D platformer and an adventure game. it looks incredible and we love to find out more about a unique and fun character like Ekko. How will his time manipulation influence this game? We can't wait to play it! 

2. Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story

Another Riot Forge game, this time in collaboration with Tequila Works. This is a single player story game rich with adventure and exploration. Honestly, this is the game I am personally most excited for because Nunu and Willump are just two of the most adorable champions in all of League of Legends. Getting a whole story based in the Freljord will just be incredible. You can already check out the Steam page as well! 

3. Project L - Riot's Fighting Game

We have talked quite a bit about the upcoming fighting game, Project L. Over the last few months we've gotten a few updates on the game, which could mean that it is inching ever closer to release. Hopefully this game will be released in 2023. 


4. Project F - Riot's ARPG

During the 2019 live-stream we also got a glimpse of an upcoming adventure role playing game called Project F. Since then not much has been heard surrounding this game, but we do know it isn't cancelled, since the R&D team of Riot has grown and even the Lead World Designer for Project F is still sharing information on new hires. 

So, in the coming years we could see a potential new role playing game set in Runeterra. Wouldn't that just be incredible? 

5. Hytale 

Recently, Riot acquired Hypixel Studios. The developers are working on a game called Hytale, which is a "block game that combines the scope of a sandbox with the depth of a role playing game".  With the acquisition of Hypixel, this game in development will also be a Riot Game. 

Hypixel did mention that they're redeveloping their engine, which could mean that Hytale will be released in late 2023 or in 2024 even. 

6. A Game Around Demacia

Now this isn't confirmed and is just speculation, but we could be getting a Riot Forge game set in the world of Demacia. During the November Riot Forge and Nintendo showcase, a teaser was shown in which we clearly saw Demacia as the main point. In this teaser we see 8-bit graphics. not to mention the chains around the city, wich could indicate the involvement of Sylas as well. 

Shurima Desert
We want more Shurima! | © Riot Games

7. A Game Around Shurima

Also, during the same Nintendo x Riot Forge Showcase we got a glimpse of what could potentially be a game set in Shurima as well. During the introduction we saw beams of light shoot out of specific areas in Runeterra, each pointing to different regions. Bilgewater for the Ruined King Game, Freljord for Song of Nunu and so on. There is also one beam of light shown in Shurima... so... Shurima game, confirmed? 

8. LoL MMO

Of course, we cannot forget about the upcoming League of Legends MMORPG. An MMO will take time so don't expect this game out anytime soon. We get updates from Greg Street every now and again and it seems the production on this game is going pretty well so we should expect it to become a reality. 


9. VALORANT Mobile

Every single game developer seems to be making a mobile game these days. We got Wild Rift, but now it's time for VALORANT to hit the mobile market as well. There have been leaks surrounding a mobile version for a while and with Call of Duty Warzone mobile becoming a thing, we could totally see Riot pushing for this as well, especially in regions like China and India where mobile gaming is huge. 

So there you have it folks, these are all potential new Riot Games. What kind of genre do you want Riot to go into next? I personally am still waiting for my dating simulator game...