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What did Riot leak this time?

Did Riot Leak the New Summoner's Cup for Worlds 2022?

Tiffany & Co. x Riot Games Summoner's Cup
Riot recently released a sneak peak of the new trophy | © Riot Games

Riot promised a debut of the new trophy on August 29, 2022, but now Riot might have managed to leak the trophy design five days before scheduled. 

On August 17, Riot Games announced they would be collaborating with none other than Tiffany & Co. for the Worlds 2022 Summoner's Cup design. Back then, we already got some information on the trophy's scale and some teaser pictures, but no information on the full Summoner's Cup design. 

Yesterday, we might have gotten another big preview when YouTuber Julex Gameplays showed some pictures from the new PBE files. The pictures revealed that the Summoner's Cup ward skin, that is already present in League of Legends, had changed its design, and a lot of the new ward skin features fitted the Summoner's Cup features shown the teaser pictures from Riot in their collaboration announcement. 

As you can see from the twitter post, the old summoner's cup skin is compared to the new one. It would be a strange coincidence if the change of the ward skin had nothing to do with the change of the Summoner's Cup design for Worlds 2022. 

Julex Gameplays also managed to get some extra details on the Summoner's Cup ward skin before it was deleted. Apparently, the new trophy has five peaks, each representing one of the LoL roles with an engraving of the role's icon.

To be clear, this design is not yet confirmed by Riot, and as it was in PBE, it might still be under construction. It will be exciting to see if the new Summoner's Cup does fit the pictures shown by Julex Gameplays when the Summoner's Cup debut takes place on August 29, 2022. 

Once the collaboration between Riot Games and Tiffany & Co. was announced, we received different reactions from the fans. Where some people don't understand what a jewellery company is doing in the Esport scene, many are also hyped about the collaboration considering that Tiffany & Co. have created some cool trophies for big sport events before. 

What do you think about the leak? Would you be happy if the trophy turned out to have that as a final design? 

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