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Which team will he join?

DoinB Leaves FunPlus Phoenix

News 22-11-2021 17:00
FPX Doing B Leaves
Which team would you like DoinB to play on? | © Riot Games

DoinB is leaving Funplus Phoenix. It’s been confirmed that the super star mid laner will not be part of the 2022 roster for the 2019 World Champions. Instead, the player has some more plans which could help create one scary LPL super team.

Which team has managed to snatch this world-class mid laner up? That’s what we’re going to look at today!

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DoinB Stays in the LPL

Would anyone have expected something else? His wife is from China, he’s basically spent his entire career in the LPL and his mandarin is as good as that of a native speaker by now. Which is why it makes complete sense that he signs with another LPL squad before the 2022 season.

That begs the question though, which team has managed to snatch up this former World Champion?

In a stream on November 21, 2021 the mid laner chatted with fans on stream and basically confirmed that his next team is going to be LNG. Through a translation by Reddit user u/Dependent_Drop_4512 we know that DoinB said this:

Yes, yes, it's certain that I will join (LNG) next year. The official annoucement will come out in the next few days. The decision was made this morning. Many teams gave me an offer this year but I decided to join LNG because their teammates want to play with me (Brother Tarzan)......"

DoinB is Joining LNG for the 2022 LPL Season

Though he never mentioned it directly that the team he is joining will be LNG, he did answer a question, whether his next team will be LNG with the above statement. This means that if he can find synergy with Tarzan, LNG could be one scary squad next year.

Ale was also one of the best top laners and showed insane plays during the 2021 World Championship. So, if DoinB can find his footing in the team, we believe LNG will have high chances of qualifying once more for the upcoming World Championship in North America.

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