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LoL: Elder Dragon Has Been Bugged And Nobody Noticed

News 06-02-2024 17:15

Elder Dragon has been an important objective ever since its introduction. It rivals Baron in strength and some say it's even better at ending the game than baron. Apparently it's been bugged. Did you know about this?

Elder Dragon
The early bird or something like that. | © Riot Games

Elder Drake is a staple late game objective in basically every game. It is an extremely valuable tool that can help you close out team fights and finish up the game. The Reddit user u/TheAdmiredGarlic has found out that it has been bugged for a whole patch. And nobody has noticed.

LoL: Elder Dragon Was Too Early

TheAdmiredGarlic has found out that ever since Patch 14.1 the Elder Dragon spawned 5 minutes after the Dragon Soul was claimed. This is very unusual because the spawn timer should be 6 minutes instead. 

But it gets even weirder when you find out that the second Elder Dragon does take 6 minutes to respawn. What could be the cause of this? The 14.2 Patch Notes mention no Drake changes, except to the Infernal Drake.

This means that every competitive match and every ranked and normal game on patch 14.1 has been played with a broken elder dragon. 

Many users of overlay apps such as Porofessor or Mobalytics mentioned that the timers were not synced up.

I've played waaaay too many games on this patch, and I did absolutely not know. Did you?

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