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Will he really?

Doublelift Wants to Return to the LCS

Doublelift TSM
Will we see this once more? | © Riot Games

Doublelift if probably the most recognizable LCS player, after Team Liquid’s mid laner Bjergsen. His trash talk is famous, and the amount of meme’s built up throughout his career are also like no other. The infamous flash forward, or holding onto his flash… all instances still talked about to this day.

Doublelift has since retired, but there have been rumors that he might be coming back. Are these just hot air, or is there something more behind the whispers?

Will Doublelift return to the LCS?

Doubleift is one of the most decorated esports athletes in North America with 8 LCS championships throughout his career with TSM, CLG and Team Liquid. In 2020, after winning the LCS one last time with TSM and bombing out of groups at the 2020 World Championship in China, Doublelift hung up his mouse and keyboard and retired.

Since then, he’s become a full-time streamer, doing LCS co-streams with other retired pros like Sneaky and Meteos and has even started his own “Trash Talk” podcast on which he gives more insight into pro League of Legends and the industry.

In the most recent episode, the ex-ADC did state that he “[has] the urge to compete” once more.

As far as do I still think I can… I think Bjergsen had the best take possible, when he came back he told his team, ‘Guys, I’ve been out of it for a year, I’m not gonna be that good, but I promise that I can get really good. I just need the time’. I really think that is the right mindset [during any return].

The star ADC did say that if he was to return he would need to practice a lot more to be ready for the stage once more. He explained that he wouldn’t come back and stomp current bot laners in the LCS and that he would have to develop his skills once more.

Which Team Could Doublelift Join?

With the accusations Doublelift threw out against TSM owner Reginald, it is hard to imagine him ever joining the org again. Cloud9 and Team Liquid both have top tier bot lakers — though they are imports — and 100 Thieves and Evil genius chose to keep their young talent.

That would only leave bottom-tier teams for Doublelift to join, but the star has explained that he would want to compete for his ninth LCS title and not meander around in the bottom of the barrel of the LCS.

Honestly, having the king of trash talk back in the LCS could be a good thing with dwindling viewership numbers in recent months, ther LCS might need a personality like Doublelift, but since his retirement no one has been able to fill this void. Until then, we will have to enjoy his podcast and streams of him and other ex-players owning Champions Queue.