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Who will make it to Worlds 2022?

LCK Regional Qualifiers | Teams, Schedule & Live-Stream

Liiv Sanbox Prince
Hopefully we get to see Prince at Worlds. | © Riot Games

The LCK 2022 Summer Playoffs have come to an end with Gen.G winning 3 - 0 against T1 at Gangneung stadium on August 28, 2022. Both T1 and Gen.G have already qualified for the 2022 World Championship, but two more spots are up for grabs. 

Who is going to represent the LCK at the biggest League of Legends event of the year alongside the two aforementioned powerhouses? We have four teams competing for two finals spots so let's check out everything we know about this exciting bracket.


LCK Regional Qualifiers: Teams 

These are the teams which have qualified for the 2022 LCK Regional Qualifiers and who still have a chance of making it to North America for the League of Legends World Championship. 


LCK Summer Record

Championship Points #3

Championship Points #4Liiv Sanbox13 - 5
Championship Points #5KT Rolster10 - 8
Championship Points #6DRX9 - 9

While Liiv Sanbox had a better Summer Split than DAMWON KIA, due to their ranking in the Spring Split they're ranked lower than DAMWON KIA for the Regional Qualifier. 

Regional Qualifiers Schedule and Format

The LCK Regional Qualifier will have two rounds. The teams playing in the first round with the most Championship points will face off and the winner will automatically qualify for the League of Legends World Championship LCK's third spot. 

The second game of the first round will pit the two teams with less championship points against one another. The winner of this game moves onto the finals against the loser of the first game to see who will represent the LCK at the Play-In Stage.

Round 1


DAMWON KIA have qualified in third place for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship thanks to their resounding victory over Liiv Sandbox. 

Liiv Sanbox will move onto the finals of the qualifier to see whether they make it to Worlds in fourth place for the LCK.

Round 2 

03.09.2022Liiv Sandbox2DRX3

LCK Regional Qualifier Live-Stream

You will be able to follow the LCK action on their official Twitch and YouTube channels where the games will be live-streamed. The games will usually start at 10:00 AM CEST or 1:00 AM PST so make sure you either wake up early or... just don't ever sleep depending on where you live to watch this. 

The action will start off in the first week of September so make sure that you follow the upcoming regional qualifiers  if you want to know who is going to make it to the League of Legends World Championship this year.