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LoL Worlds Finals: MrBeast Looking to Get Into LCS

News 06-11-2022 01:10
Mr Beast
Will we get a MrBeast team in the LCS soon? | © Riot Games

At the League of Legends World Championship pre-game show a special guest came onto the analyst desk. None other than content creator and entrepreneur MrBeast! He spoke about his love for League of Legends, as well as a potential in the LCS. 

So, when can you expect MrBeast to enter the LoL scene and what are his goals for the team? He did give a few hints at a future in the LoL scene. 


LoL Finals 2022: MrBeast Teases Future LoL Team

On the analyst desk MrBeast was asked about his future in the LoL scene and as a fan of the game and the professional scene he would love to make a mark with a team of his own. He would look into buying a team in the North American LCS. 

MrBeast did explain that if he does own a team he would want it to be a contender at Worlds to make it to the semi-finals or finals and be able to keep up with the biggest teams in the World. 

He also stated that while he is passionate about it, a team seems to not be part of his immediate future. So, MrBeast fans, you'll have to wait a little bit longer for a team. MrBeast did say he could see himself owning a team in two years or so. 

Let's hope that MrBeast can somehow use his power to delete the evil cat: 

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Would MrBeast owning a team breathe some new life into the LCS and stop it from completely dying, right? The viewership numbers have been falling, but with a name like MrBeast in the mix it could shake things up and bring some more viewers and a fresh new feel to the league. 

Earlier this year he did play a show match against content creator Ludwig, the event garnering views and attention from all over. It just goes to show what an impact this man can have on the scene. 

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