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The superweek delivers another huge comeback from Misfits

Excel Finally Secure LEC Playoffs

Will Vitality miss playoffs? | © Riot Games

Day two of the LEC superweek featured another insane comeback from Misfits Gaming, this time against Fnatic, and an impressive victory of G2 Esports over Team Vitality. Meanwhile, with their win against SK Gaming, Excel Esports have guaranteed themselves a top 6 rank and a playoff spot - a first in the organization's history!

After the first day of the three-day superweek that ends the LEC 2022 Spring Season gave us the beginning of a MAD Lions comeback and the debut of Renata Glasc in competitive play, Saturday did not disappoint either. The opening match of SK Gaming and Excel Esports had huge implications for both teams' playoff chances. Meanwhile, two showdowns between some of the best teams were scheduled for later - Misfits Gaming would face off against Fnatic and G2 and Team Vitality would feature a rematch of some of the best mid laners Europe has ever produced Rasmus "caPs" Winther and Luka "Perkz" Perković.

Excel Has Done It!

Excel Esports and SK Gaming opened the day. The UK team had the better early game and amassed a considerable gold lead. They never let go of this advantage, playing a clean game and using their vision and mobility to control the map. A fight near the dragon pit 27 minutes in sealed the deal - Excel got four kills and easily ended the game, securing a top 6 finish and throwing their opponents out of playoff contention.

MAD's Comeback Continues

Astralis would face MAD Lions next, and at first, they were firmly in the lead. However, as the game ramped on MAD came back, and despite the gold deficit William "UNF0RGIVEN" Nieminen’s Jinx remained safe and piled on the damage. 28 minutes into the game they won the key teamfight that gave them infernal soul and Baron and from then on, it was smooth sailing.

Easy Win for Rogue

After their unexpected loss on Friday, Rogue took on another bottom 5 team in Team BDS. This time, however, there were no surprises - as expected of the top team in the standings, they got the early lead and kept it. BDS had drafted for the early game and when that did not work out, they had nothing up their sleeve. Their last chance was a fight near the Baron 29 minutes in but Rogue took four kills, the purple buff and the game.

The Comeback Kings

We were hyped for Misfits Gaming facing off against Fnatic - the initial favorite and the big dark horse, both top 4 teams for several weeks. Both teams played aggressive early on, but Fnatic got the better of their opponents and were firmly in the lead, even taking an early Baron. The game looked decided after a 2-0 in their favor 28 minutes in, only for them to overchase and get demolished by Matúš "Neon" Jakubčík's Jinx. Neon remained untouchable for the rest of the game and in the end, Misfits did it again.

Statement Win for G2

The match of the week brought us G2 Esports and Team Vitality, with Perkz and Caps dueling in the mid lane. Yet, it was the top lane where G2 got their big lead, as Sergen "Broken Blade" Çelik's Tryndamere started strong and soon became a terror on the map. Vitality could not find a way to get back into the game and little by little, G2 won it all before taking the game. With this, Vitality now must win their last game against Astralis or they may fail to make playoffs - and Astralis has shown they know how to upset favorites.

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The LEC season ends on Sunday, March 3rd, with the final day of the superweek. Meanwhile, make sure you follow us on Facebook for more LoL news and analysis!