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The end of season comes bearing gifts!

End of Season 2023: Three Honors and Victorious Skins Announced

News 12-12-2023 17:00

The Second Split of season 13 will end on January 9, and Riot have announced the ranked and honor rewards to be distributed this year!

Victorious Anivia Final WEB
Now compare this to Victorious Jarvan IV | © Riot Games

This time last year, we'd already had our end-of-season rewards distributed, with the Victorious skins given to any Gold-ranked player or above, and Three Honors Malzahar Malzahar going to the most honorable LoL players.

With the change in the way the season is structured in League of Legends season 13, the end-of-season rewards are coming later than we're used to, after the end of the second split, and the start of LoL season 2024 on January 10, with many ranked changes.

However, that doesn't mean we can't look forward to the end-of-season rewards Riot announced with Victorious Tryndamere and Three Honors Akshan.

Riot Announce Victorious Tryndamere

Season 13 of League of Legends, marks the first time two Victorious skins were awarded to players in one season, due to the changes in the ranked season structure, with soft rank resets every split.

After the Victorious Anivia skin we got during Split 1 2023, this year Riot are awarding players the Victorious Tryndamere skin, which was confirmed by Riot Brightmoon and Meddler in a recent, and its year's last, dev update.

Victorious tryndamere
Now that I can see being the King of Freljord | © Riot Games

Seeing as, year after year, Victorious skins are only increasing in quality, we are more than looking forward to seeing Victorious Tryndamere on the Rift. And can only wonder what season 2024 will bring, as it will have three ranked split lasting four months each, instead of the two we had this year.

Riot Announce Three Honors Akshan

The Three Honors skin line is a practice Riot implemented at the end of season 12, as a way to promote honorable behavior in League of Legends and award the highest levels on the Honor progression system with something more substantial.

The first such skin was Three Honors Malzahar, and this year Riot have announced the Three Honors Akshan skin.

Three honors akshan
How does his W work with all the flashy purple | © Riot Games

Much like the Victorious skins, these skins are exclusive for the season, and can never be earned again, nor can they be bought at any juncture. It's a way for veterans to flex their game experience.

Besides, seeing as honor itself is really easy to earn in LoL, this is basically a free skin. And who would say no to a freebie from Riot Games?

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