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Even After Nerfs, Twisted Fate Is Still The Best Champ In League of Legends

News 08-03-2024 12:08

Ever since his buffs Twisted Fate has been a menace on the rift. He is currently one of the best champions in the game in three roles! Here's why!

Cutpurse Twisted Fate
TF is really broken right now. | © Riot Games

Twisted Fate got buffed in Patch 14.2 and has since been a terror on the rift. He changed quite a bit and got some big buffs to his attack speed, his usage of crit and a general nudge towards AD builds. Feel free to check out all the changes in our Patch 14.2 Article.

Now TF has successfully terrorized the rift for 2 patches, he has just been nerfed in Patch 14.5. This was absolutely needed since he was the best champion in the game in three different roles. He was the best top laner, the best mid laner and even the best adc in the game ever since 14.2 until patch 14.5.

Granted, Riot has tried to tune him down a bit in Patch 14.4, but those changes were not enough so they decided in 14.5 that harsher measures must be taken. You can look up all the nerfs that TF has gotten in that update here.

LoL: What Made TF So Strong?

Space Groove Twisted Fate
Twisted Fate was the best champion in the game. | © Riot Games

While he definitely isn't a huge threat in Patch 14.5 anymore, he has hit insane numbers in the previous Patches. Even after his slight nerfs in 14.4 he was still boasting an average 52% win rate across all three different roles.

For the top lane, it's relatively easy to see what made him such a powerhouse. The combination of Ghost and Fleet Footwork has already been established as broken for a while now, hence Vayne is incredibly good and TF was able to abuse this as well.

His build was very optimizable, as he could pick between Stattik's Shiv or Kraken Slayer as his first item and just go from there. Swiftness Boots make him incredibly hard to catch, and it was basically impossible to punish him because between Ghost, Fleet, and his Stun Card he would always get away. 

Graves and Twisted Fate pride 2022
TF is still a great pick. | © Riot Games

His second item would always be a Rapid Firecannon. The increased range on the first auto attack has always been good on him and now works even better when it can crit and actually do damage. With his AD build he can deal immense damage while you are actually still stunned which also made him a menace in 1vs1 scenarios.

With his passive being able to generate even more gold and the combination with being a ranged lane bully he would pull far ahead of his enemies economically as well. As soon as he was at an item advantage he can also ult towards the bot lane for some more free gold.

PAX Twisted Fate Splash
Top Lane TF is a menace. | © Riot Games

In the ADC position it was largely the same. Usually you would just buy Stattik's Shiv as you dont need the Kraken Slayer damage yet, and it gives you some much-needed wave clear against the other ADC's. 

Mid lane had a lot of variety for TF players. You could also choose the AD Variant of the build, but you also have the option to buy AP items. Rod of Ages has always been a great scaling item for TF as he also looks for some health in his items and Lich Bane is one of the most broken AP items that he can utilize very well.

Pulsefire twisted fate tf
This guy has so many cool skins. | © Riot Games

You would still want to buy a Rapid Firecannon for the extra range, but the strength of AP Twisted Fate would come online much later. Still, the quality of life changes benefitted him a lot.

Now in Patch 14.5 he isn't that broken anymore. Talented TF players will still wreak havoc on the rift, but he has been nerfed for the wider audience. There might just be stronger alternatives in the ADC position now and Top Lane Vayne is still a thing.

If you are looking for a versatile champion with lots of agency TF might just be the champion for you. 

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