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Is this the end of and era?

Evil Geniuses Breaks Eight Year Long NA Curse

Evil Geniuses Worlds Play-Ins 2022
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After eight years of sweat and tears, NA finally breaks the curse and wins a Bo5 series against EU. 

In a battle of survival in Worlds 2022 Play-Ins, Evil Geniuses proved all the EU believers wrong after breaking the NA vs. EU curse by dominating the European fourth seed MAD Lions in a Best-of-Five series. Also, the fans seemed to have little faith in the North American team, as MAD Lions had the majority of the fan vote with 61%.

Not only did EG manage to finally win a series against Europe, but they also did so convincingly with a clean 3-0 sweep

Only the first game in the series looked like it could have gone for MAD Lions. In the first game, the European team took both the first turret and got first blood, and Unforgiven’s Draven was creating a problem for the NA’s third seed. However, after a 50/50 Baron, EG Inspired came out on top and stole Baron Nashor, and from then on, EU didn’t stand a chance.

What is the NA Curse?

If you haven’t heard about the NA curse before, we are here to tell you all about it. Until yesterday, NA has not managed to win a single game in a series against Europe since 2013. To clarify, this means not only have NA not won a series against EU, but they have not been able to win one game in a NA vs. EU series.  

The last time NA managed to take a win against EU in a series was in the Worlds Quarterfinals back in 2013 when C9 faced off Fnatic. Fnatic won the Bo3 series, but Cloud9 won one game leaving the final score of 2-1 to Fnatic.

Since 2013, every time NA has met Europe in a major competition, the EU has always clean swept the North American representatives. It is, therefore, only fitting that Evil Geniuses won against the EU in a similar manner, not leaving a single game for the European team, MAD Lions. 

Evil Geniuses’ Trash Talk Stands Strong

After winning the first game in the series, it looks like Evil Geniuses started to get confident and began on a trash-talking spree against the MAD Lions. According to LEC producer, Renato Perdigão, looking at the comments from the NA team, it seems like they got the mental edge after game 2.

EG Secures a Spot in Groups

After the convincing win against MAD Lions, Evil Geniuses has secured a spot in Worlds 2022 Group Stage, and we have to say goodbye to the first European team, MAD Lions. Evil Geniuses now has a rough challenge ahead of them as they will be facing JD Gaming, G2 Esports, and DWG KIA. It will be exciting to see how long EG can keep their trash-talking up, meeting some of the best teams in the major regions. So, what do you think about NA’s chances at Worlds 2022 now that the NA curse is finally broken? 

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