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The Skin will not be released in Patch 12.01

Firelight Ekko Skin Delayed No More! The Release Date has been Announced!

Firelight Ekko
The community has spoken and Riot has listened! | © Riot Games

When it was announced that another skin from Arcane would be coming to League of Legends, the community was ecstatic. Everything surrounding the show had been a complete and utter hit, but then fans saw the price tag for the skin and everything changed. 

1350 for skin without a unique SFX or homeguard or backing animation? What was this Riot? That is way too much for Firelight Ekko! Well, after much discussion and comments from the community who have tested the skin on PBE, Riot has decided to pull the skin from the PBE server and will work on it a bit longer. 

[Update February 1, 2022]

Firelight Ekko Release Date Announced

Riot just announced the release date of Firelight Ekko and it's much sooner than anyone might have thought. The skin, along with the new Support champion Renata Glasc will be released in LoL Patch 12.04. If you were a huge fan of Ekko's unique look, then you can get your hands on an in-game version quite soon! 

How Much Will Firelight Ekko Cost? 

Firelight Ekko will cost 1350 RP. Because of the price the skin was delayed, since it was missing a few key elements to be put into this price category instead of 975 RP like the other Arcane skins - Vi, Jinx, Jayce and Caitlyn. So if you've got some RP saved up, or got some in the latest prime gaming capsule, now is the time to use it! 

Why Was the Community Upset? 

Normally, skins that cost players 1350 Riot Points (RP) have a few added extras which make them stand out from cheaper skins and from their base skin as well. This is what is known as SFX. 

SFX stands for sound effects and even though on the initial PBE feedback Reddit thread Riot Eneopea wrote that the skin would have new SFX fans had to find out the hard way that Ekko didn't have any changes, something which is a must for an Epic 1350 RP skin. 

Fans quickly made suggestions on the Reddit thread like adding a unique homeguard instead to make the skin worth the money, others stated that the price should be lowered to 975 RP instead. 

Firelight Ekko Delayed Until Later in 2022

Early on December 14, 2021, Riot Katana made a post on Reddit explaining the situation with Firelight Ekko, "We completely agree that SFX are a standard and expected part of an Epic (1350 [RP]) skin, and leaving them out was an unfortunate mistake on our part due to a miscommunication internally.”

So, those of you who were huge fans of the Firelights and wanted to play Ekko with this unique look will have to wait a bit longer. But the wait will be worthwhile because Riot Katana also added that since they've got more time to work on the skin now, they'll also add a unique homeguard, "we will be including a hoverboard homeguard animation to go live with the new SFX.

Are you willing to wait longer for a better skin, or would you rather Riot just drop the price down to 975 and release Firelight Ekko in LoL Patch 12.01 as was originally planned?