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Another sweep sends G2 to a rematch vs Fnatic

LEC Playoff | G2 Smash Misfits 3-0


Jankos was on fire | © Riot Games

G2 Esports scored a decisive win against Misfits Gaming with a quick 3-0 sweep to secure a spot in the LEC playoff losers' bracket semifinal.

After the epic Rogue reverse sweep against Fnatic the LEC playoffs continued. It was time to return to the lower bracket, where G2 Esports, after their 3-0 win against Team Vitality, would take on Misfits Gaming. These were two teams that had been neck and neck during much of the season, but Misfits stayed just a bit ahead - partly because of an amazing comeback win against G2. Would the big underdogs of the LEC triumph once more or would G2 win when it counted the most?

G2 started game one very well, getting early kills and punishing Misfits' draft choices. Soon, both of the rabbits' solo lanes fell behind in gold and levels. While the third seed team found some successes in the teamfights and were able to delay G2's dragon scaling with a stolen drake, they could turn the game around. A flank by Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski 32 minutes in set up a G2 wombo combo that destroyed Misfits and decided the game.

Sadly, Misfits would not have an easier time in the next game. An early roam by Jankos and Rasmus "caPs" Winther flipped the bot lane in G2's favor, and the difference in farm and early objectives led to a 5K gold lead just 15 minutes in. G2's teamfight execution was better as well and after taking an early Baron and a 4-0 fight near the infernal drake that got them the soul buff, they easily closed the game out.

Misfits had more proactive moves in the next game, but it was still not enough to make up for G2's aggression and clear execution. A skirmish near the mid lane 11 minutes in gave three kills to caPs on Cassiopeia and the veteran mid laner took over. Misfits was able to trade objectives for a while, using the pressure from Shin "HiRit" Tae-min’s Fiora, but they could not match G2 in a fight. An early Baron was all the favorites needed to break into Misits' base and rout them to complete the sweep.

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The LEC playoffs will continue on April 9th with the rematch between G2 Esports and Fnatic. For more pro League of Legends, this week you can also watch the EU Masters and watch the best of the European regional LoL leagues.