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Caps and Jankos get revenge for their first round loss

LEC Playoff | G2 Continue Lower Bracket Run with a 3-0 against Fnatic

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Will G2 be the one raising the cup? | © Riot Games

After being one game away from winning their series against Rogue, Fnatic are out of the final after a 0-3 against G2 Esports. G2’s early game control and active map roams kept Fnatic on the back foot and only the third game was close.

The finals weekend of the LEC playoff is here! The loser's bracket semifinal brings together Fnatic and G2 Esports. The old rivals already fought in the first stage and back then, Fnatic won with a convincing 3-1. After that, however, they got reverse swept by Rogue while G2 had clean 3-0 series against Team Vitality and Misfits Gaming. Now with the matches finally played in front of a live audience again, it was time to settle the score - for this split, at least. Can Fnatic defeat their rivals once more or would the G2's momentum carry them to another victory?


The first game already showed that G2 had levelled up their game since the last match with Fnatic. Their early aggression put Marek "Humanoid" Brázda’s Twisted Fate and Iván "Razork" Martín Díaz' Diana on the back foot. Fnatic was never able to exert any pressure on the map and G2 got an objective after objective. The first Baron allowed them to break into the Fnatic base, and after securing the Hextech soul they had no trouble closing out the game.

Fnatic looked to have recovered after the break and for a brief time were slightly ahead in the second game. However, a series of skirmishes and picks in G2's favor turned the game around. Rasmus "caPs" Winthers' Ahri kept coming up clutch in fights and G2 soon amassed a significant gold lead. The midgame was fully in their favor and after several teamfights dominated by their mid laner, they were soon on match point.

Fnatic Almost Turn It Around

It was time for Fnatic to dig deep and they chose to draft a scaling composition, trusting their ability to outplay in teamfight. The early game went fully in G2's favor after several early ganks, but unlike in the previous game they were not able to snowball to the same degree. Fnatic traded kills several times and a clutch teamfight by Martin "Wunder" Hansen led to them inching ahead in gold, but G2 fought back hard. A clutch dragon steal by jungler Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski resulted in an infernal soul for his team. Fnatic were pushed in their base when they elected to chase the retreating G2, but the disjointed engage backfired and soon, G2 were congratulating themselves on another 3-0 series.

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G2 will now take on Rogue in the grand final, which starts from 5 PM CEST on Sunday. For more League of Legends news and analysis, make sure to check our coverage!