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Not Gnar!

Is Another Champ Going to be Disabled for Worlds 2022?

Gnar Dino
Gnar goes rawrr! | © Riot Games

One of the most prominent picks in the League of Legends World Championship has been none other than this adorable little Yordle, Gnar. He's a great pick against Aatrox that has just been dominating the meta, and he has been banned often as well. 

With Orianna getting disabled until further notice after a bug was caught on camera during the Rogue versus GAM Esports match on October 10, 2022. Another bug was found by resident problem finder on Twitter and YouTube Vandiril

Will Gnar Be Removed For Worlds 2022? 

Vandiril found a known bug in Gnar that happened during the TES and DRX match on October 9, 2022. This bug would eventually lead to DRX taking first blood, meaning that this had a significant impact on the game and TES esports top laner Wayward had no way to survive. 

In the clip Gnar uses his Q throwing out his boomerang. Then he walked away since he was taking tower aggro. The boomerang hit TES Wayward's Jax and then changed track completely instead of flying back into Gnar's hands as is normal. This change in direction caused Jax to take an extra hit from the boomerang and he was low enough for Pyosik to get an easy kill. 

This play led DRX to getting first blood and from there they were able to carve out their advantages and win the game. Now, does this bug warrant Gnar to be removed for the remained of the tournament? 

Gnar Bug Has Been Known For 1-Year Already

This isn't the first time this bug has interfered with professional League of Legends. According to Vandiril, this also happened in April in 2021 in the LEC. Another player reported the bug to Riot in 2021 as well, so they should be aware that Gnar does this at some points.

The boomerang direction change seems to be triggered by you moving your character at a specific frame. This makes it very unpredictable. But Riot hasn't done anything in a year-and-a-half since it was found. 

Ahead of each tournament players and teams usually get a list of bugs, so if this was one of the known bugs then Gnar likely won't be removed from the game, unlike Orianna whose bug seems to have appeared for the first time during the Rogue and GAM game. 

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