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He's back!

Jensen to Re-Sign with Cloud9

C9 Jensen
Is Jensen going to be back with C9 come Summer Split? | © Riot Games

With Fudge moving back to his original position in the top lane, Cloud9 had to fill a huge void in the mid lane for the next split. There were multiple names and options on the table, but it seems C9 have found whom they were looking for — Jensen.

Ahead of the 2022 Spring Split, Team Liquid replaced their mid laner Jensen with his long-time rival Bjergsen, leaving the mid laner out of a job. But it seems like Jensen's first LCS team will have him back, because according to Upcomer he's going to join Cloud9. 


Jensen and Cloud9 

The rumors began on April 28, 2022 when Cloud9 jungler Blabler posted a photo of him and Jensen on Twitter. The image was of them from 2018 when they played together on Cloud9, without any caption, and that had fans talking and speculating whether the danish mid laner was coming back to the LCS. 

Jensen is a veteran in the league, having won multiple LCS championships and even helping Team Liquid make it to the 2019 Mid-Season invitational finals, where they lost against G2. 

Bringing Jensen back would also reunite him with Blaber, the two having played together in 2018 already. It would definitely be a great move for the team, since Jensen is a well-known and liked player by LCS fans. 

Support Position Still in Question for C9

It seems like the support position is also still in question for C9. There are reports that former C9 ADC — now playing for C9 Academy — Zven could be making a comeback to the LCS, but as a support player. This has not been confirmed yet though. 

Will Cloud9 be able to make it to the LCS finals in the summer with this potential roster? Who is going to represent NA on home soil at this year's 2022 League of Legends World Championship? So many questions, and yet we still have months to go until we have answers.