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LCS Playoffs Will Have Live Audience

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This is what we want from esports events in 2022. | © Riot Games

Riot Games just announced that the Spring 2022 Playoffs will be held offline and most importantly, in front of a live-audience. Yes, you read that right, fans will be able to attend the event and watch the teams that make it into the playoffs compete. Sure TSM fans will be disappointed, since their team won't even make it, but others will get to cheer on their favorite teams all up-close and personal. 

When can you get your hands on tickets and when does everything start? That's what we're here to tell you, so get excited, it's not just the LEC playoffs we have to look out for, now the LCS playoffs just got interesting as well. 


Ticket Sales for LCS Playoffs Announced

While ticket sales for the playoffs have been announced, it looks like the rest of the Spring Split will be played out in front of an empty LCS Arena. But don't worry you might not get to see CLG and TSM in the playoffs, but you can definitely catch C9, Team Liquid and FlyQuest if they continue to play like they have. 

Ticket sales for the playoffs will go on sale March 17, 2022 according to Riot Games. The first few playoff rounds will be played in Santa Monica at the LCS Arena, but the final will be held in Houston, Texas, in the home of the Houston Texans. NRG Stadium can hold up to 74,000 fans for their NFL games, but we think Riot will scale it down a bit. That doesn't mean it won't be an epic show nonetheless. Tickets for the finals will go on sale at a later date

The LCS regular split will end March 27, 2022 before we move onto the Mid-Season showdown that will determine who is going to represent North America at this year's Mid-Season Invitational. Right now, it looks like Cloud9 or Team Liquid are the most likely representatives. 

Are Tickets Restricted? 

Riot has shown that they are very careful with the current pandemic. While most sports leagues in North America have opened their doors to fans, the LCS has kept the LCS Arena closed off to esports fans due to the pandemic. So, of course, there will be some restrictions and rules when attending the event. You can buy tickets, but will only be allowed into the arena if you

  1. Have a vaccine certificate
  2. or have a negative COVID test result 

These rules apply to the playoff games at the LCS Arena, as well as the finals taking place in Texas. So, make sure you bring your vaccine passport if you want to watch the finals between the top two teams in North America. For those attending games in the LCS Arena, you'll also be asked to wear your mask throughout the entire event, so bring some extras in case the series last the full five games. 

Even with these restrictions, the playoffs will surely revitalize live League of Legends, and it gives fans hope that future international events will also allow fans into the arenas. We really don't want a third Worlds without fans, right?