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KeSpa messed up

KkOma Continues to Lead Team Korea

Will we see him at the Asian Games? | © Riot Games

The Korean Team for the Asian Games 2022 seems to be a mess. The schedules are muddled, players are overworked and unhappy and now it seems like even more drama is heading in the direction of Team Korea who might be coach-less soon. 

According to Inven Global, Team Korean's head coach Kim "kkOma" Jeong-gyun is thinking of resiging from his position after muddled practice schedule for players, five of whom should be preparing for the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. 


[Update April 28. 2022] 

Team Korea Continues to be Led by kkOma

While it's been a wild ride, with kkOma going public in a press conference about his grievances with the way KeSpa has handled the boot camp for the potential 2022 Asian Games Korea squad, it seems like the two sides have settled

On April 27, 2022 KeSpa announced that kkOma will continue on as head coach for the team and will lead them during the international event. No changes to the team will happen it seems, and everyone who has followed LoL esports for a while will know what an asset kkOma will be to the team with his experience and expertise. 

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KeSpa Confirms that Coach kkOma Wants to Resign

In a recent update by Inven Global, KeSpa has stated that the current head coach of their Asian Games League of Legends Squad, kkOma wants to resign from the position. KeSpa will discuss the issue with the coach throughout the weekend before coming to a final conclusion. 

After further discussions, we'll be delivering kkOma's final decisions to the performance enhancement committee to make the final decision.

Why Does kkOma Want to Resign? 

There are currently ten players in discussion for the 2022 Asian Games, five of whom are part of T1, the team which won the 2022 LCK Spring Split and will be representing the region at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational in Busan South Korea – the first time the event is being held in Korea. 

In the process of team building, KeSpa had wanted to put on an exhibition match, which was cancelled on the day it was supposed to take place. Players have spoken out about the choosing process and coach kkOma has also relayed his grievances with the schedule, especially for the players that will be going to MSI. 

I refused the exhibition match from the beginning and continued to refuse until it happened. The players have to go through such a busy schedule at this point. They have MSI, Summer Split, preliminaries, etc.

Which players will be chosen to represent Korea has not been revealed yet, but it seems like KeSpa has some other issues to figure out before then... like if they'll even have a coach for their national team. 

KkOma is one of the most well-known coaches in League of Legends history, having won multiple world championships. Losing a coach with so much experience could hurt the future of the Korean team, but with so many scheduling issues and KeSpa not listening to the coach, this was probably inevitable.