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League of Legends: Riot Killed Nexus Blitz

News 08-12-2022 15:00
Nexus Blitz Map League
Oh no, the Nexus Blitz map died. | © Riot Games

The League of Legends team promised that they would be bringing Nexus Blitz back for 2022. With only a few number of rotating game modes in the game and the removal of a third map, there hasn't been much variance in games, but now Riot is finally coming clean why Nexus Blitz hasn't been seen anywhere in the LoL client in 2022. 

Riot only has a few 'for-fun' game modes. With the removal of Twisted Treeline in Season 9 the variance of game modes shrunk even more. Recently, Riot made some big changes on the ARAM map, but one question still remains, where the f*ck is Nexus Blitz? 


Nexus Blitz in LoL Client: Why It Won't Return For A While

Earlier this year we had a 'huge' in-game event for the new Star Guardian skins. But for fans this did not even feel like anything special. No unique game mode, no unique map, nothing really was updated and we got Ultimate Spellbook... with Ahri's voice over from a few years prior from an earlier Star Guardian event. 

Then, Riot released new Spirit Blossom skins. Riot had brought back Nexus Blitz for the first Spirit Blossom event back in 2020, which had fans hopeful that this game mode would make an appearance once more. Nope, instead we got URF. 

Now, Riot has finally revealed why they haven't been able to keep their promise of bringing back Nexus Blitz in 2022. In a thread on Twitter the LoL Dev Team explained that "[they're] not going to be able to bring it back at this time." 

We might not be getting Nexus Blitz, but we are getting skins in 2023:

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Unfortunately pieces of the NB UI experience were broken by unrelated work on a different part of the game. Since we made the original promise in 2021 to bring back NB, the League team lost some key people that would’ve been involved in this. Rehiring for roles and onboarding new members takes time that impacts respective projects.

The Dev Team explained that they've been focusing on updating the ARAM map since that has been their priority. They did state that they have more plans for old and new areas for game modes. They also stated that they would have a more detailed update to go over what exactly went wrong with the Nexus Blitz map. 

So get ready for a dev post in the near future outlining more information on featured game modes and the future of them. Maybe we can see a PvE game mode come back in 2023? We have hope... but not a lot. 

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